The Informer Spring 2022 Issue

Informer 5.5 Is Here

Hello (Hallo, Bonjour, Hola)! Informer 5.5 is here! It has many new features that bolster ease of use, efficiency, and global adoption.

Version 5.5 is on a world tour as it has internationalized UI support for Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, and German, and introduced support for dates and times based on the locale of a User.

Featured Trade Show

Entrinsik was so pleased to once again be able to attend one of our biggest trade shows of the year, Ellucian Live! This year, the annual higher education conference was held in Denver, Colorado from April 10-13th where Ellucian users were able to discuss technology solutions for student success. In addition, Informer was asked to present three sessions at this year’s conference: Utilizing Informer 5 Templates for Pixel-Perfect Reporting, Distribute and Visualize Data Using Data Governance and Row-Level Security, and Canadore College Uses Informer Dashboards for Increased Data Transparency.

Native jBase Support

MultiValue databases are found in countless industries including Point of Sale, Manufacturing, Distributing, Banking, Human Resources, Higher Education, and many others. In your day-to-day life it’s highly likely you interact with a product or service that utilizes a MultiValue database environment.

Online Training Offer

Entrinsik has a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Whether you are brand new to Informer 5 or want to become an advanced power user, these classes are for you. Check out our spring lineup!

Canadore Colege Utilizes Informer Dashboards

Canadore College needed a solution for presenting school program data in a digestible format that was compatible with Ellucian Banner. With Informer Dashboards, Canadore was able to create a culture of data. End-users better understand what questions to ask and what tools are being used to inform decisions.

Informer 4 Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and now is a great time to tidy up your Informer 4 instance. We recommend identifying inactive reports along with reports that can be consolidated into one with multiple filter prompts. There are also maintenance reports that help clean up links and field types along with preparing for a migration to Informer 5.

Curate Custom Data Segments

Scenario: Need to share data across multiple departments while creating individualized, relevant views? Want to ensure that Restricted Fields are limited to certain departments? Informer can help with Mapping Sets, Restricted Fields, User Fields, and Row-Level Security.

Featured Case Studies