The Informer Spring 2021 Issue

Informer 5.4 Preview

It’s coming! Informer 5.4 is currently in release process mode and will be officially released in Q2.  We have many new features that will bolster data governance and business workflows.  

Online Testing Offer

Entrinsik has a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Whether you are brand new to Informer 5 or want to become an advanced power user, these classes are for you. Check out our spring lineup!

Spring Cleaning: Informer 4

Spring is here and now is a great time to tidy up your Informer 4 instance. We recommend identifying inactive reports along with reports that can be consolidated into one with multiple filter prompts. There are also maintenance reports that help clean up links and field types along with preparing for a migration to Informer 5.

The More You Know

Did you know you can combine data from multiple Informer Queries together using a Flow Step? This is very helpful if there is not a natural join in the database or if there are complicated aggregates to perform in one of the Queries. It helps eliminate duplicates and simplify the output. Many customers utilize this feature to create one large Dataset from multiple small ones to create that single source of truth.

Using Geotags in Informer

Location data can be critical when analyzing incident rates and concentrations, supply chains, and route optimization. Informer allows users to enhance reports and dashboards with Google Maps and has several methods in generating coordinates (geotags) with supplied address information.

New Additions!

The Informer Development team is thrilled to welcome five new members to the team based on outstanding growth in 2020.

Informer Development has added Kirsten Freeman – Software Development Engineer,  Tom Wittmann – Software Development Engineer,  Akshay Gupta – Software Development Engineer, Justin Neese – Quality Assurance Engineer, and Alan Christopher – Junior Quality Assurance Engineer to the software development and quality assurance teams.

Informer for Ellucian Colleague

With over 400 colleges and universities using Ellucian Colleague, we at Entrinsik know Colleague inside and out. Informer offers prebuilt meta data and content along with supporting native multi-value functionality.

Featured Case Studies