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Optimizing Brewery Businesses

Brewing has become one of the most competitive industries in the world. Efficient information management, including utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs), can be the difference between record profits and struggling to make payroll. Curating a single source of data truth can be challenging due to disparate data sources including POS, ERP, Warehouse Management, Accounting, and Quality Assurance. Most software packages become data silos, which are not easily combined with other sources, making complete analysis difficult and time-consuming. The best run breweries leverage all their data in one place to make informed decisions.

The Full Picture

Data-driven decisions are most successful when they utilize an interconnected picture from all parts of the business. With all data stored in a single data source, analysis is more efficient and effective. Sales results by brand often falls under multiple systems, with POS and ERP systems accounting for most of the data. Combining these sources not only provides information on the entire sales picture, but also the ability to drill down to understand how sales are segmented by brand and channel.

Simple Data Access and Security

Real-time, role-appropriate access to data for all stakeholders provides a secure way to manage and edit data as needed. A typical brewery may have 5 to 10 different data sources all requiring unique access and security. With a single source, all the data is present, but curated through roles on a user-by-user basis to ensure that individuals have the data they need, while withholding sensitive or superfluous data to their job function.

Improved Data Quality

Data-driven decisions are only as accurate as the data they are derived from. Poor data governance, erroneous data, and versioning issues are flaws that undermine the validity of data. Automation of processes to consolidate data results in a reliable process that eliminates most of the common areas for data integrity loss.

Need Help Putting Your Data to Work?

Informer helps brewers tap into their data to address every part of their business including the taproom, brewery operations, accounting, and sales. Informer becomes the single source of truth that connects all your data and provides prebuilt dashboards and KPI tracking so users can begin making informed decisions.

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