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Native jBase Support

MultiValue databases are found in countless industries including Point of Sale, Manufacturing, Distributing, Banking, Human Resources, Higher Education, and many others. In your day-to-day life it’s highly likely you interact with a product or service that utilizes a MultiValue database environment.

Entrinsik is proud to offer native support for the primary databases in this market, namely UniData, UniVerse, and as of recently, we are excited to announce, jBase. Supporting these databases natively means our users speak directly to their target database in the appropriate query language – and therefore enjoy functionality only available in that way. MultiValues, BY-EXPLODING, i-descriptors, LIST verbs, SB+ conversions… if these concepts mean anything to you and you are an Informer customer, then you know!

System administrators of these UniData, UniVerse, and jBase environments have long been forced to normalize their data out to a SQL-friendly type environment simply to allow for a basic requirement: reporting. The headache that goes along with creating and maintaining a database copy in a non-source format is a particularly painful one. Our Embedded Partners and Clients are quick to recommend Informer as the solution.

Informer began as a native MultiValue reporting tool and over time matured into a world-class reporting and business intelligence platform supporting datasources of any type; structured or unstructured, local or cloud sourced. As a MultiValue reporting company, we understand how critical it is to have a native MultiValue connection to achieve your reporting objectives. See firsthand how Informer and Informer Embedded provide the tools necessary to get the most out of your data by requesting a free demo.

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