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The Linux Foundation Integrates Entrinsik Informer for End-to-End Marketing and Business Development Analytics

Chris Reeves

Entrinsik, Inc. (, developer of Informer agile reporting and business intelligence (BI) software,announced the completion of a new case study featuring The Linux Foundation’s recent implementation of Informer reporting and BI software. The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development.

The Linux Foundation was using SugarCRM Professional’s out-of-the-box reporting module, but realized that the user interface was under-performing based on their needs. They were not able to generate complex reports and visualizations and needed more advanced reporting, data analysis, and dashboarding capabilities.  The Foundation chose to implement Informer at the recommendation of their mutual business partner, Epicom Corporation.

Epicom helps companies like The Linux Foundation deploy, customize, and integrate state-of-the-art CRM systems and has partnered with Entrinsik to provide organizations with the ability to perform multidimensional reporting and advanced data analysis in order to better track, understand and manage their SugarCRM data with Informer.

“Informer’s foundation is rock solid,” said Mike Woster, COO & Vice President, Business Development, at The Linux Foundation. “The underlying technology of Informer is very robust, allowing the mash-up of multiple data sources as well as the generation of any number of complicated reports that involve multiple unions and joins.”

Informer integrates with all licensed versions of SugarCRM and Sugar Community Edition; data in Sugar is pushed into Informer in real-time. Informer’s intuitive, web-based interface is easy to navigate, enabling users to create and customize their own reports and dashboards.

The integration of SugarCRM with Informer gives The Linux Foundation instant visibility into their marketing and business development metrics from multiple perspectives. They can now more effectively interact with and analyze data to uncover critical insights and make data-driven decisions to drive foundation operations.

Read the full case study at

About Entrinsik

Entrinsik Informer is an innovative, award-winning agile reporting and business intelligence solution used by tens of thousands around the world. To get started on a free trial visit For additional details or a personalized DEMO, contact Sales at sales@entrinsik.comor call 888-703-0016.

For more information about Epicom Corporation, visit, email info@epicom.comor call (512) 481-9000.

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