Informer for Insurance Agencies


Most insurance companies have gathered thousands, sometimes millions of rows of data about all aspects of running the business including policies, policyholders, risk assessments, claims histories and more.

Data is stored in a variety of different systems ranging from ERPs and CRMs, to more specialized claims management software. Informer’s data discovery and analytics platform enables you to extract, blend, visualize, and analyze data from these various sources and transform it into actionable intelligence that can drive agency success.

Entrinsik Informer for Insurance BI dashboard

Users across the business have the ability to create and customize their own reports and visualize data quickly and easily, without technical expertise; then collaborate to drive decisions that increase efficiency and boost profitability.


Gain greater visibility into policies, premiums and ratios.


Analyze and manage the claims process.


Better monitor performance of sales agents.


Identify the right customers for target marketing.

Informer gives users at Ruhl & Ruhl choices on how they want to assemble, schedule and deliver reports. The result is improved time to decision and end-user satisfaction, drastically reducing the cost of creating, maintaining and delivering reports.
Tim J. Smith Ruhl & Ruhl Insurance

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