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Informer in the BARC BI Survey

Entrinsik is thrilled to announce Informer’s exceptional performance in the BI & Analytics Survey 21 from BARC. This is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users, based on feedback from a diverse group of 2,500+ where 36 crucially important criteria were evaluated for 33 products.

Informer stood out when it came to KPI results, scoring 38 top rankings and 40 leading positions in 4 different peer groups, those being dashboarding-focused products, ad hoc reporting-focused products, self-service analytics-focused products, and Americas focused vendors. 100% of surveyed users said they would recommend Informer, and 100% of surveyed users also reported they are satisfied with Informer. Informer was even awarded the best price-to-value in the entire survey.

According to BARC, “Informer’s price-to-value ratio is an attractive selling point for the tool. Informer comes out on top of all four of its peer groups. Such exceptional scores attest to fair pricing for the product and genuine continued customer satisfaction with an excellent cost-benefit ratio”. Our vendor support was top-rated as well with BARC noting, “When it comes to vendor support, customers rave about their experiences with Entrinsik”.

Some of the KPIs that Informer outperformed the competition in included:

Ad hoc Query – 97% of our customers use Informer for this purpose, as it is intuitive and fast.

Customer Satisfaction – With 100% satisfaction, it is clear that we provide excellent service and value.

Data Preparation – We achieved a perfect score for this criteria, which is critical for accurate analysis.

Ease of Use – 97% of our customers agree that ease of use is the great strength of Informer.

Implementer Support – No stress implementation is fast and flexible.

Operational BI – Successful day-to-day reporting and dashboarding tasks with real-time data.

Price to Value – Fair pricing and consistent performance earned us the best ranking in the survey.

Vendor Support – We provide a comprehensive support center and a top-notch support team.

It was an honor to be recognized for many of these features. Be on the lookout for a more in-depth review of the above KPIs and how Informer can help benefit your organization.



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