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Informer in the BARC BI Survey 22

Entrinsik is excited to announce Informer’s standout performance in the BARC BI & Analytics Survey 22. This is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users, based on feedback from a diverse group of 2,400+ where 36 crucially important criteria (KPIs) were evaluated for 30 products.

Regarding KPI results, Informer scored 45 top rankings and 75 leading positions in 6 different peer groups, those being embedded analytics-focused products, dashboarding-focused products, ad hoc reporting-focused products, self-service analytics-focused products, BI & analytics specialists, and midsize/departmental implementations. A top ranking indicates winning the first position out of the entire peer group.

100% of surveyed users said they would recommend Informer. Informer was top-ranked in various peer groups for price-to-value, distribution of reports, performance satisfaction, operational BI, project success, vendor support, implementer support, customer satisfaction, functionality, ease of use, sales experience, data preparation, competitive win rate, product satisfaction, and ad hoc query.

According to BARC, “Informer’s price-to-value ratio is an attractive selling point for the tool. This is evidenced by top rankings in all six of its peer groups. Such exceptional scores attest to fair rates for the product and genuine, ongoing customer satisfaction with the cost-benefit ratio. In fact, every Entrinsik user responding to this survey rated its price-to-value ratio as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’” Our distribution of reports as well as performance satisfaction and operational BI were also top-ranked with perfect scores in all six peer groups.

The following provides a deeper dive into our top rankings:

Ad hoc Query – 98% of our customers use Informer for this purpose, as our software provides a robust semantic layer combined with an intuitive front end.

Competitive Win Rate – Our easy-to-use software often prevails in competition with other tools, leading to 2 top rankings.

Customer Satisfaction – Customers are highly satisfied with Informer, resulting in 2 top rankings for this KPI.

Data Preparation – Informer’s functionality that enables business users to work frequently with the data preparation pipeline and contribute to the self-service profile of the platform led to 2 top rankings.

Distribution of ReportsTop rankings in all 6 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each shows that Informer is successful in delivering comprehensive insights in easily understandable and consumable formats.

Ease of Use – Our accessible interface lends to the creation of personalized reports and dashboards that are straightforward for our users, resulting in 2 top rankings for this KPI.

Functionality – We earned 2 top rankings for this KPI due to our dashboards, ad hoc query capabilities, and report distribution.

Implementer Support – Our professional support when implementing Informer for users scored 2 top rankings.

Operational BITop rankings in all 6 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each result from our implementation of an effective pipeline for utilizing real-time updates.

Performance SatisfactionTop rankings in all 6 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each result from our ability to satisfy customer expectations with our special niche of data sources.

Price-to-ValueTop rankings in all 6 peer groups and perfect scores of 10/10 in each highlight genuine ongoing customer satisfaction with the cost-benefit ratio of Informer.

Product Satisfaction – 98% of users reported being satisfied with Informer.

Project Success – With our focus on business requirements and successful integration into existing technical landscapes, we scored 3 top rankings for this KPI.

Sales Experience – 2 top rankings for this KPI come from our exceptional user support and ability to accommodate field-specific needs.

Vendor Support – Our comprehensive online training presence and responsive support earned us 2 top rankings.


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