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Informer for MultiValue Databases

Informer for MultiValue Databases

There are significant challenges accessing data in MultiValue databases. Originally designed as operating systems, MultiValue databases included the data processing programs with them. Reports could be printed directly from the environment by means of Basic programs, or 4GL tools such as SystemBuilder. This meant that reporting was dependent on the developers of the programs.

Entrinsik Informer enables you to surround your database with a robust metadata layer. You can define Mappings which represent database files. You define Fields to translate dictionary entries as typed, friendly named columns. You define Links to seamlessly include fields from other files, as a SQL join would. Correlatives and I-types become part of mappings.

Since multivalued data has a structure and purpose, its structure should be retained by the reporting software that presents it. Solutions that deal with SQL data, which is normalized, won’t be able to do this. Informer does.

Informer enables you to offload the nuanced approaches to complex queries to the software, giving greater access to the data and helping ensure that it will be accessible in the future. Informer will evolve with the culture of the organization, forever retaining the knowledge necessary to access the data.

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