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Informer 5.5 is Here

Hello (Hallo, Bonjour, Hola)! Informer 5.5 is here! It has many new features that bolster ease of use, efficiency, and global adoption.

Version 5.5 is on a world tour as it has internationalized UI support for Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, and German, and introduced support for dates and times based on the locale of a User.


You will notice more robust authentication in Version 5.5. We now support multi-factor authentication along with stronger password requirements.

You can find anything in your Informer system with a new top-level Global Search Bar. The Global Search Bar searches through all entities in your entire Informer system and provides results in a categorized manner. Find what you need at your fingertips! It also provides easy navigation through the system to go back to recent places – go back to that Report you were editing, that Job you were scheduling, or the Dataset you were filtering. Feels like teleporting!

A new Parameters Bar on the Ad hoc Query page displays the parameters that back a result set along with the data. See the parameters that were entered while viewing the query results and change the parameter inputs right there if you need. This makes interacting with Ad hoc Queries even easier.

Query payloads are now updated at runtime to use the defined field/link definitions. This provides significant ease of use and efficiency gains since changes to fields or links made at the definition level will no longer need all references to that entity dropped and re-added for the changes to be reflected. Instant reflection at runtime!

It is easy now to add multiple entries to User Fields assigned to a User that are then handled across the system including in Criteria and Elasticsearch Script Fields.

Copying a Dataset is not only easy but more comprehensive and flexible. The User can choose which entities to copy over – Data, Visuals, Filters, and Sharing. This opens the door for various use cases and workflows.

Seeing is believing. We made it easier to use and parse logs based on new Log Settings provided in the Log Settings dialog. The Log Settings determine the specific amount and type of information that is captured in the logs and displayed, making it easier to home in on the exact log information desired.

And there is even more! Much awaits you in Informer 5.5, so upgrade today.

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