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Entrinsik Announces Listing on GSA Federal Suppliers List

Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson

Raleigh, NC – August 24, 2015 – Entrinsik Inc. (, developer of award-winning information management software, announced today that it is now listed on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70. The IT Schedule 70 is a list of vendors the GSA has pre-authorized to provide federal agencies with IT equipment, software and services.

The GSA is America’s only source solely dedicated to procuring goods and services for government agencies. Vendors must pass through an arduous and lengthy review process in order to be approved for GSA listing, enabling buyers to save time and reach better purchasing decisions by choosing from the pre-approved list of suppliers.

The GSA schedule contract allows federal, state and local government agencies to purchase Entrinsik Informer software and services using terms and prices that were previously negotiated. Entrinsik Informer is available on the GSA IT Schedule 70 under contract # GS-35F-442CA.

Entrinsik Informer is highly ranked by end users as being an intuitive, easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence solution providing access to real-time data from disparate sources, multi-dimensional data analysis and drag-and-drop dashboarding capabilities. Informer’s award-winning features are securely accessible anytime, anywhere from an end-user friendly web-based interface.

Entrinsik customers include the US Navy, over 350 universities and colleges, USAA, the State of Connecticut, and Emergency Response Management in Mexico and USA.

“Entrinsik is leading the way in terms of setting the standards as to what dashboard and ad-hoc reporting environments need to adopt,” says Doug Leupen, CEO and President of Entrinsik. “We are excited about our new listing on the GSA schedule and we look forward to delivering significant value to agencies who need an agile, affordable, easy-to-use reporting and business intelligence solution like Informer.”

Agencies acquiring Entrinsik software through the GSA schedule contract will benefit from a significantly reduced acquisition timeline, pre-negotiated rates and terms, and can circumvent the sometimes cumbersome RFP/approval processes, all of which make selecting Entrinsik appealing to government decision-makers.

About Entrinsik

Entrinsik develops, implements, and supports Information Management Solutions that enable organizations to maximize performance and improve bottom lines. Entrinsik Informer is an innovative, award-winning agile reporting and business intelligence solution used by tens of thousands around the world. Entrinsik Enrole Registration & Course Management software drives many of the nation’s largest continuing education profit centers and seminar event planning industries. Over 1,500 organizations around the world use Entrinsik’s software every day. For a demonstration or a free trial, call 888-703-0016 or email Visit

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