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It’s time to simplify data analytics.

Using Informer, you can access, blend, and cleanse your data in a few easy steps. Then utilize intuitive data discovery to explore, analyze, and visualize only the relevant information you want to see. Securely publish Reports, collaborate with colleagues, or create a personalized dashboard with the visualizations you use most. Informer makes it easy for your end users, IT staff, and executives to get the most out their data.

Learn about just a few of Informer’s exciting features below, then contact us for a personalized demo to see the whole picture.

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Informer gives users at Ruhl & Ruhl choices on how they want to assemble, schedule and deliver reports. The result is improved time to decision and end-user satisfaction, drastically reducing the cost of creating, maintaining and delivering reports.
Tim J. Smith Ruhl & Ruhl Insurance

Look familiar?

Informer 5’s user interface experience is similar to apps that you already use every day. Using Google’s Material Design, we created a UI that drastically cuts down on the learning curve of most BI products. This crisp and clean, bold and graphic interface creates an easy to follow hierarchy and an immersive user experience.

Say goodbye to outdated file structures and tiny, illegible fonts. Use your BI tool as easily as you use Gmail, your iPad, or your Android mobile.

See it for yourself.

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Entrinsik Informer Datasets feature

Easy, Fast Data Access

Quickly connect to traditional databases, spreadsheets, or unstructured data streams, all without time-consuming warehousing. Informer comes out of the box with a variety of common database connectors including MySQL®, Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle®, UniVerse®, and UniData®. Import multiple spreadsheets to create your own Workspace, a totally custom data source. You can even have mappings and links automatically imported with your database at the click of a button.

Have a unique data source? With Informer’s pluggable architecture, custom drivers can easily be created or connected without complicated work-arounds. Informer also allows for Big Data integration including connection to Hadoop and Mongo DB. With Informer’s powerful streaming and indexing functionality, you’ll see your data within a matter of seconds, from dozens to millions of rows.

Cleanse, Transform, & Prepare

There’s no room for “bad data” in your business; efficient data governance has become essential to accurate analysis. With Informer’s unique Data Flows feature, you have the opportunity to easily review, cleanse, and prepare your data as it streams into Informer from any number of sources – databases, spreadsheets, or unstructured data streams. ETL made simple!

Data Flows enable you to easily transform data however you choose. Join data from disparate sources and append incomplete entries. Scrub duplicates, normalize inconsistent fields, even write custom scripts to transform data into exactly how you want it to appear.


The Power of Informer Datasets

Informer enables you to have better control and faster access to data by utilizing Datasets. Datasets are curated subsets of data that can be refreshed immediately when you need real-time information, or on a schedule to reduce the number of hits to your production database.

Admin users can create a Dataset from any data source: a traditional database, spreadsheet, or Workspace. Datasets provide a single source of truth for end users to perform their own data exploration and analysis with consistent, governed data.

Explore & Analyze Data

Informer empowers end users to explore and analyze relevant data without IT assistance. Utilize Dataset filters to narrow down views of data, and merge or save filters for later use. Simply drag-and-drop to sort columns, aggregate data into relevant groups, and create pivot tables for summarized views.

Informer’s intuitive interface and powerful capabilities mean end users don’t need technical knowledge or IT assistance to get the information they need. Empower all types of users within your organization to explore, analyze, and share their data within a secure and governed environment.

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Visualize Data in New Ways

A picture is worth a thousand rows. Data visualizations are powerful tools, and can provide a broad view of what’s happening in your business. With Informer, users can quickly create trend charts, graphs, maps, or custom visuals. In just a few clicks, view side-by-side analyses with Comparison Boards. Add visuals to a dashboard and customize layouts for a personalized view of your data.

Not sure which visual to choose? With Informer’s Discover feature, the work is done for you. Simply select the fields you want to see, and Informer instantly creates relevant visuals for you.

Interact with your visuals with dynamic filters, drill down into underlying data, or pin favorites to your home page.

Personalize, Publish, & Collaborate

Every user is different, so why shouldn’t your BI tool be? Informer allows users to customize the content they see with personalized home pages. Pin frequently run Reports to your Informer home page for faster access, and see activity feeds with content and notifications relevant to you and your Teams.

Utilize Informer Teams to share and collaborate with colleagues in your department. Swap comments on a shared Team Report, compare insights, and move ownership of a Report to your Team for review and approval.

Informer also allows users to securely share Reports outside of Informer; publish a Dashboard to the web with one click, or invite others to view with a simple hyperlink. Shared visualizations remain interactive so viewers can filter, drill down, or even save a copy for later analysis.

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Entrinsik Informer Jobs feature

Share on Your Schedule

Informer 5 takes scheduling and sharing content to a whole new level. Schedule data refreshing and report run-times like usual, then take your content further with ultra-flexible automation.

Create a Job with one or multiple datasets or queries, then use filters to customize a Report result. Choose one or multiple Actions for the same Job – send individual or burst emails, send to FTP/SSH or to your file system, or even create your own custom Actions. Run Jobs manually, on a set schedule, or as an alert when specified conditions are met.

With Informer’s HTML rich-text email editor, creating customized emails is a breeze. Query Report content or user data right in the email body for personalized user emails. Add field data from multiple datasets, upload images, or even embed interactive visuals without having to include a whole dataset. Attach multiple datasets as a csv or spreadsheet, or add all attachments to a zip file.

Keep track of running Jobs with history logs, limit and queue concurrent Jobs, and check on Job progress with success confirmations and error logs.


Data Governance & Security

Properly governing and securing your data is a top priority for most businesses. Informer provides ease of access and collaboration while still allowing admin users to strictly govern content.

Use Informer Teams to logically group members based on your organizational structure. Add members individually or integrate with LDAP/Active Directory. Assign roles to Team members based on security levels; allow Consumer members to view and drill into data, while Creator members can access data sources and create high level Reports.

Eliminate user managed passwords with secure single sign-on. Easily audit system usage and manage Report ownerships on one screen. Lock down specific data views and secure sensitive fields, all without limiting end users’ access to the content they need.

Entrinsik Informer Teams feature
Entrinsik Informer Datasources feature

Endless Extensibility

Informer’s out-of-the-box capabilities are only the beginning. With Informer’s flexible architecture, you can create and bring in resources that are specific to your industry, product, or service.

Want your stadium seating map as an Informer visual? You can do that. Have a schema for your new database? Bring it in. Want a complex authentication plug-in but don’t want to write it yourself? Our customer service staff are here to help.

Informer’s pluggable architecture also makes it ideal for integrating into other applications. Entrinsik partners can easily customize, brand, and embed Informer into existing software to create a cohesive analytics infrastructure.

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Modernize and extend your data discovery and analytics capabilities so you can make data-driven decisions faster than ever before. Informer makes it possible.

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