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Entrinsik Partners with RamQuest to Offer Advanced Data Analytics to the Title and Settlement Market

Chris Reeves

Raleigh, NC – December 13th, 2017 – Entrinsik Inc. (, developer of Informer, one of the most highly rated business intelligence platforms on the market, today announced a partnership with RamQuest Inc. (, a leading provider of title and settlement solutions for the Land Title industry.

RamQuest has been serving the title and settlement industry since 1991 with products currently in use for closings in all 50 states. RamQuest’s state-of-the-art solutions are highly configurable, scalable and include a complete set of tools to facilitate and automate much of the work performed by title companies.

Using Informer, RamQuest users can extract any data element from production data, easily create custom reports and visualizations, and then glean critical business insights.  Out of the box, Informer delivers a package of industry operational reports acting as templates for more custom report generation, allowing users to easily edit then deliver multiple file choices to external or internal parties. Visualizations that capture quick glimpses of operational health can be shared throughout the organization as needed. Informer enables agents and underwriters using RamQuest to confidently manipulate and interact with data, then collaborate as needed.

“Entrinsik Informer will enable RamQuest customers to take what could otherwise be an overwhelming amount of data and display it in reports and easy-to-use dashboards where they can manipulate and present it in a way that’s meaningful to their business,” said Ben Cork, chief strategy officer at RamQuest. “This new level of visibility will be invaluable for our customers and enhance their productivity, workflow, and forecasting.”

Informer’s pluggable architecture makes it ideal for tight integration into other business applications. Entrinsik Partners in various industries simply customize, brand, and embed Informer into their existing software to create a cohesive and robust analytics infrastructure.

“I’ve worked with leaders within the title industry for years and I’m excited to partner with the RamQuest ecosystem. The addition of Informer as an offering is a huge benefit for RamQuest customers needing modern analytics without hours of labor wrangling with spreadsheets to stay competitive,” Says Tad Buck, Director of Informer Solutions.

To watch an Informer Product Tour or to schedule a personalized demo, visit, email or call 888-703-0016.

About RamQuest

RamQuest, Inc. is a Texas-based corporation that has been serving the title industry since 1991.  As the provider of the Land Title industry’s most comprehensive title and settlement solutions, RamQuest products are currently in use for closings in all 50 states. For more information about RamQuest, visit

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