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Enhance your Workflows with Templates

Pixel Perfect Reporting

When you need your reports to look exactly right, Templates are here to help you enhance your work processes. Whether you want to export and share PDFs or use them in Jobs like sending out burst emails, Templates are your simple way to create and share clear and precise documents with your information, without the need for complicated HTML coding.

Templates allow pixel-perfect customization, empowering you to visualize and export data with precision. The user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor ensures that designing Templates is a breeze. Create, modify, and personalize layouts without ever needing to decipher HTML code.

Real World Applications

See how Informer’s clients are using Templates for a wide range of use cases. Simplify monthly invoicing. Provide teachers and students with detailed financial plans, surveys, and grade or sign-in sheets. Streamline documentation by generating client agreements, offer letters, and proposals. Automate performance reports, project sheets, resumes, and references. The possibilities are endless with Templates!

Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor

With our WYSIWYG editor, creating layouts is as simple as a few clicks. Enjoy text formatting, color adjustments, and inserting tables, lists, and images. Effortlessly integrate runtime inputs, queries, datasets, and scripts to craft reports that stand out.

Effortless Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Data; allowing you to effortlessly merge data from any source into your Template.

Templates greatly reduce the time spent on routine tasks by working together with Jobs. Imagine generating and sending invoices or documents at the touch of a button. The power to automate workflows means you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business and building relationships.

Advanced users, rejoice! Take complete control with the HTML Code Editor. Seamlessly blend HTML and CSS to fine-tune the appearance and structure of your components. Your creativity knows no bounds – present data the way you envision it.

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