Informer for Distributors


For distribution companies, Informer delivers a new level of agility and ease of use with a web-based data reporting and analytics platform built on an enterprise-grade framework offering advanced data analysis, collaboration, governance.

With Informer you can blend relevant data from disparate sources into a single source of the truth for users across the business.

Informer is designed to be self-service, enabling anyone regardless of technical expertise to access and analyze relevant data, freeing up your IT staff for more strategic projects.


Identify growth opportunities for your distribution business by analyzing sales activity, channel performance, geographies, and markets. Optimize inventory investments and monitor the performance of procurement and suppliers, all using real-time data, from one integrated platform.


Improve product planning and management of resources.


Greater visibility into demand and operational performance.


Track and monitor shipping and logistics times in real time.


Forecast customer demand and improve account management.

The security in Informer is very granular and it’s been great to be able to control access to everything down to the row level. We know exactly who has access to what data. I can send out or embed a dashboard for others to see but control at an admin level who can see and drill down into the data behind it.
Jesse Owsley SMC Electric Supply

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