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Scenario: Need to share data across multiple departments while creating individualized, relevant views? Want to ensure that Restricted Fields are limited to certain departments? Informer can help with Mapping Sets, Restricted Fields, User Fields, and Row-Level Security.

Mapping Sets are organizational tools like folders that group similar Mappings. Each set has an associated name, color, and icon. Sets can contain multiple Mappings, and a Mapping can belong to multiple Mapping Sets. Restricted Fields control access to sensitive data such as SSN. Depending on the access the User/Team has to the Datasource, Restricted Fields are visible when building a Query or viewing Query results. To see how to use these features, click here.

Applying User Fields to filters allows Datasets to be shared with users and limits them to see only the data they are supposed to see.

Creating User Fields

Assigning User Fields

User Fields in Criteria or Filters

To complete this security scenario, share the Dataset by applying a Row-Level Security filter and using the Datasource security to apply or remove access to Mapping Sets and Restricted Fields.

See the article on Dataset Ownership and Access to finalize the setup. Once this setup is complete it allows users to login to shared content, whether a Dataset or a Dashboard, and only view what they are allowed to see.


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