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Creating A Single Source of Truth for Higher Education

There are stories that we are told time and time again by colleges and universities regarding reporting and data analysis. One common comment we often hear is how difficult it can be to connect disparate data to see the bigger picture. For example, you could be interested in evaluating general student success, but grades over the course of the semester are in an LMS while student information is on-premises. You may find yourself asking how to pull all that information together into one comprehensive report.

Picture a situation where you are in the same meeting as your colleague presenting data on the same topic. Your numbers are not lining up with one another. How do you know who is right? Imagine being able to eliminate the guesswork with data you know is correct. Informer gives you that single source of truth with perfectly curated Datasets based on your specific needs.

Data exists throughout the organization in multiple formats. A Dataset aggregates all formats into a single location within Informer. The Dataset creates a single source of truth that can then be curated through filters and Jobs to provide individualized data views to those within the organization. Implementing a single source provides data that you can trust, eliminating questions about which data is correct or trying to make sense of duplicate data.

We know that every school is unique, but everyone shares the need of connecting data to see the bigger picture, getting the data you need when you need it, data transparency, and having secure data for everyone. Informer is here to help you put the right information in the right hands, quickly and efficiently.

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