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Informer Consulting – Need Customized Datasets or Reports?

Utilize Our Team to Create Your Most Needed Projects

Have Our Experts Overcome Your Data Analysis Challenges

Key Performance Indicators

Define and track key performance measures at every level of the organization.

Automated Insights

Our team can configure your Informer so that you disseminate data automatically to those that need it, when they need it.

Robust Security

Strategy and best practices to implement security models appropriate for your deployment.


Understand specific reporting requirements and develop personalized solutions.

Templated Output

Utilize our expert team to create the desired look and design of your reporting outputs.


We can provide assistance migrating reports from an earlier version of Informer or when changing database systems.

Distribute and Visualize Individual User Dashboards with Informer

We help clients unlock their full potential from Informer and make their business smarter. Harmon Dennis Bradshaw needed to curate their data so that individual users would only be able to view authorized data.

With our help, Harmon Dennis Bradshaw was able to implement robust row-level security that not only protected their data but also automated their onboarding process. It takes more than a great software solution to drive success. It takes the right combination of people, processes, and consulting to bring about change

  • Bill Pizer
    The Sage Colleges

    The Entrinsik support people are just top-notch. You can email them, call them, and they get right back to you.

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