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Entrinsik Informer Achieves High Rankings for Ease of Use, Customer Satisfaction and Price-to-Value Perception in World’s Largest Survey of Business Intelligence Users

Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson

Raleigh, NC – October 15th, 2014– Entrinsik Inc. (, developer of award-winning information management software, has announced its inclusion in the 13th annual 2014 BARC BI Survey, the world’s largest independent survey of business intelligence software users. The BI Survey 14 examines BI product selection and usage from the survey responses of over 2,300 software users about 34 products and product groups.

A summarized report of Entrinsik’s results, written by BARC, can be downloaded at

The BARC BI Survey analyzes and rates BI products in areas such as business benefit, costs, proportion of employees using the product, competitiveness, recommendation, customer satisfaction, and agility. Products are separated into peer groups based on how customers say they use the product to ensure similar products are fairly compared against each other. Entrinsik Informer was placed in both the “Dashboarding vendor” and “Ad-hoc Reporting vendor” peer groups.

Informer customers assigned the software high ratings in terms of ease of use, recommendation, price-to-value perception, and vendor and implementer support, among many other areas. In the dashboard vendor and ad-hoc reporting vendor peer groups, Informer was rated higher than any other vendor in the “Ease of Use” and “Chosen as Standard” categories, emphasizing the product’s ultimate usability and satisfaction from users. Entrinsik Informer was also a leading vendor in multiple areas, including price-to-value perception, proportion of employees using the product, vendor support, customer satisfaction, and agility.

“Entrinsik is leading the way in terms of setting the standards as to what dashboard and ad-hoc reporting environments need to adopt,” says Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of BARC. “Their customers rank Informer higher in the chosen as standard KPI than all other dashboard and ad-hoc software providers. With its user-friendly interface and flexible authoring tools, Entrinsik Informer is among the more highly rated tools by customers for self-service.”

Entrinsik’s high ratings are no surprise to Doug Leupen, CEO and President of Entrinsik, who commented, “We have always enjoyed positive feedback from our customers about Informer, which is a result of Entrinsik’s customer-centric mission and dedication to constantly improving every aspect of our software. We are very excited to be included in the BARC BI Survey this year and we hope that it will support our efforts to reach out to organizations around the world who need an agile, affordable, and easy-to-use reporting and BI solution like Informer.”

About Entrinsik

Entrinsik develops, implements, and supports Information Management Solutions that enable organizations to maximize performance and improve bottom lines. Entrinsik Informer is an innovative, award-winning agile reporting and business intelligence solution used by tens of thousands around the world. Entrinsik Enrole Registration & Course Management software drives many of the nation’s largest continuing education profit centers and seminar event planning industries. Over 1,500 organizations around the world use Entrinsik’s software every day. For a demonstration or a free trial, call 888-703-0016 or email Visit

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