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Entrinsik Informer Ranked Leader for Ease of Use, Self-Service and Price-to-Value Perception in its Peer Group in World’s Largest Independent Survey of Business Intelligence Users

Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson

Raleigh, NC – October 30th, 2015 – Entrinsik Inc. (, developer of award-winning information management software, has announced its inclusion in the 14th annual 2015 BARC BI Survey, the world’s largest independent survey of business intelligence software users. The BI Survey 15 examines BI product selection and usage from the survey responses of over 2,400 software users about 35 products and product groups.

Informer was rated as a “Leader” (top 25%) in the mid-sized deployments (Americas) peer group in six separate categories this year, including Price-to-value perception, Collaboration, Self-service, and Ease of use. The Survey includes detailed survey results and analysis of Informer ratings in areas including user and case demographics and “Leader” category rankings compared to other participating vendors in the BI space.

A summarized report of Entrinsik’s results, written by BARC, can be downloaded at

“For the second year in a row, survey results from Informer users indicate Entrinsik is a leader among BI solutions, receiving high rankings for ease of use, self-service and price-to-value perception,” said Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of BARC. “Entrinsik’s strong following amongst community colleges and mid-size universities, as well as insurance and manufacturing companies demonstrates the effectiveness of its affordable enterprise-wide pricing model, and user self-service. Informer tends to compete very well with other vendors once it becomes part of the selection process.”

Conducted earlier this year, the BI Survey received over 3,000 responses to survey questions in total, and 35 products (or groups of products) are analyzed and compared based on 35 categories (or KPIs). The Survey examines BI product selection and usage among users in categories (KPIs) including business benefits, proportion of employees using the product, competitiveness, innovation, performance, customer satisfaction and agility.

“These survey results reflect our commitment to equip organizations with insights previously seen as too hard or time consuming to obtain,” said Sharon Shelton, VP Marketing at Entrinsik. “We are proud to be rated a leader in key areas such as ease of use and price-to-value perception based on the most important feedback we can get – from customers using our software every day.”

About Entrinsik

Entrinsik develops, implements, and supports Information Management Solutions that enable organizations to maximize performance and improve bottom lines. Entrinsik Informer is an innovative, award-winning agile reporting and business intelligence solution used by tens of thousands around the world. Entrinsik Enrole Registration & Course Management software drives many of the nation’s largest continuing education profit centers and seminar event planning industries. Over 1,500 organizations around the world use Entrinsik’s software every day. For a demonstration or a free trial, call 888-703-0016 or email Visit

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