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Advanced Data Management & Analytics with Informer Cloud

Assessable Data

Welcome to a new era of data management, with fully hosted Informer, an advanced cloud-based data analytics platform. Benefit from a secure, scalable, and supremely flexible solution to access and evaluate all your business intelligence in one place. Whether you’re sharing your insights with customers and coworkers across the globe or building an automated data processing pipeline, Informer is always easy to use with a reactive UI and an intuitive REST API to support you.

  • Unified Data Integration: Consolidate disparate data sources with ease.
  • Real-time Data Analytics: Generate instant insights using real-time analytics and point-in-time data combined.
  • Scalability and Performance: Deliver exceptional performance, irrespective of data volumes.
  • Security: Protect your data with industry-leading security measures.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Tailor analytics and reporting to suit your specific needs.
  • Automation and Workflow: Automate data processing and improve efficiency.
  • Global Dashboard and Visualization Hosting: Serve rich and dynamic visuals to your customers and coworkers, no matter where they are.
  • Expertly Managed: Informer is managed in the cloud by the same people who develop it and know it best.

Informer Cloud Capabilities

Unified Data Integration

Informer Cloud empowers you to merge various data sources into one unified platform. Whether you need to bring together Snowflake, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, or even Pick-based systems like UniVerse and UniData, Informer can handle it. See all your data, all at once, and combine them to drastically improve the effectiveness of your decision-making.

Real-time Data Analytics

Harness the power of real-time data analytics. Informer Cloud provides dynamic data visualization tools, including Dashboards and charts, to help you monitor and interpret data as it is generated. Utilize this speed to stay ahead of emerging trends and make informed, data-driven decisions instantly. If you need to maintain point-in-time data for auditing or retrospective analysis, Informer has you covered as well. All of Informer’s advanced analytics tools can be used on Snapshots, spreadsheets or even prior exports. Informer’s global reach and vast capacity puts all of your data, past and present, at your fingertips.

Scalability and Performance

Informer Cloud is designed with scalability and performance in mind. Our Kubernetes-based architecture is constantly monitoring the cluster and ensuring a fantastic customer experience. We scale with you. Entire Informer instances are brought online rapidly to deal with periods of heavy load, and thanks to our stateless request-handling system, you’ll never notice when you’re suddenly talking to a completely new instance.


With Informer Cloud, your data is protected by robust security measures. Our platform uses advanced encryption techniques both at rest and in flight, role-based access control, and is compliant to the highest standards of SOC2 criteria. We are constantly scanning for exploitable vulnerabilities and our SLA guarantees an industry-leading response to breaches and exploitations.

Customization and Flexibility

We don’t believe in “no” when it comes to your ability to get the most out of your data. Informer is extendable by nature, and that opens exciting possibilities for customizing it to fit your needs. Our Professional Services and DevOps teams have unfettered access to the codebase and are ready to implement your vision, seamlessly, into your cloud deployment. New authentication schemes, new database support, and customized UI elements are just a sample of what our team can do to make Informer your bespoke business intelligence platform.

Automation and Workflows

At the heart of Informer is a powerful and flexible data processing engine supported by an incredibly capable REST API. It is a cinch to integrate Informer into your existing workflows because our API is simple, self-documenting, and uses industry-standard formats like JSON and CSV to ingest, transform, and export data. Combine that capability with automated Jobs run by the system itself and there is almost no automated data processing pipeline that you can’t implement with Informer at its core.

Global Dashboard and Visualization Hosting

With Informer Cloud, your beautifully crafted Visuals and Dashboards can be embedded anywhere. No more fiddling with firewall exceptions or brittle VPN setups. You can embed your content in iframes, share links, and even embed static images with as few as three clicks. Of course, security is always our priority. You’ll be able to restrict access to your data based on an IP address or authentication token so you remain in control of who sees your data and where from.

Expertly Managed

At Entrinsik, our DevOps team also participates in Informer development. That means that they have incredible insight into how to manage, support, and deploy the application. Even more importantly, they provide intimate feedback about the SaaS experience to the rest of the development team to constantly improve the product and answer the needs of our cloud customers.

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