Informer Saves the Day…Again!

Posted on June 4th 2012

by Jeff Jones, Systems Analysis, Fresno Pacific University

Entrinsik’s Informer was the star of our most recent major project.

We just completed the (long overdue) merge of Benefactor into Ellucian’s Colleague Advancement.  Our multiple conversion passes were substantially more accessible because of informer’s ability to report out of multiple data sources. I simply added a data source for each of our conversion database copies and quickly pointed them back to the originals for data validation and auditing. It was invaluable to see how our data compared between live and test with each preparatory conversion pass; AND all in one report!

However, the real beauty was working with the error reports during our final conversion. I recreated the system generated reports in Informer; and I added additional elements allowing our team to create an appendix report. I simply added the appropriate information for the cleanup team to resolve the duplicates or ambiguity the system found during conversion for each error report.

So, not only did Informer help with the conversion cleanup, but with the verifications and audits we ran post conversion. Again, Informer has lived up to the billing and come through like a champ. This is the best dollar for dollar investment we’ve made here at Fresno Pacific University!

For a demonstration of Informer or a FREE 30day trial, email or call 888-703-0016.

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