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Informer Embedded Software Analytics

Provide Purposeful, Self-Service Analytics with Seamless Integration

Easily Add Data Analysis Capabilities

With complete data blending, multi-tenant deployment, an extensible plugin architecture, and a popular, modern technology stack, Informer provides an exceptional and personalized user experience for your customers.

Choose your integration path with options from inlined content to external, connected but separate full applications. All entirely customizable and white-to provide critical insights without sacrificing your brand identity.

Data Visualization for Your Users

Highly Customizable

Informer Embedded provides a tailored solution for your application’s analytics and intelligence needs – pull from our standard workflows or seamlessly include Informer-driven content alongside your own defined UX.


Bundle Informer content including Datasource configuration, Reports, Dashboards, System Settings, and Security. A Bundle can be an entire system backup or a specific combination of items to provide simple standardization, versioning, and onboarding.

Plugin Architecture

Your developers can author application-specific workflows to augment otherwise standard Informer functionality – authentication, security, look-and-feel, programmatic content manipulation, …truly anything else you can imagine.


Manage your environment with true multi-tenant support. Scale horizontally allowing for a single deployment to service any number of tenants, and apply resources as needed to specific areas of the deployment.

Command-Line Interface

Administer a single instance or an entire multi-tenant deployment from a terminal. Authorized users can run CLI commands to view and deploy content, backup and restore environments, analyze logs, view indexed data, and run queries.

Cloud Hosting

Entrinsik offers but does not require fully-managed hosting through Amazon Web Services, engaging our operations staff to stand up and manage your secure, dedicated environment.


In the 2024 BARC Survey of Business Intelligence tools, Entrinsik’s Informer was rated #1 by Price-to-Value.

Our Customers Are
Our Biggest Advocates

Full Sail Partners Utilizes Informer for Clients’ Unique Needs

With Informer, Full Sail Partners saves about 20 minutes for each agreement. Full Sail Partners has future-proofed its forms with Informer by using its ability to populate dynamic fields directly from the database. They are working on merging their templates with Adobe Sign to cut down time further.

Now, Full Sail Partners has a single source of truth that they can always rely on. Instead of debating which of the many competing Datasources should be used for making company decisions, everyone can use the same, unified source for all their data needs. This Datasource can be used by anyone, in any way, across the entire organization. Informer’s Client Services team has provided top-notch support to help guide Full Sail Partners through the process. Full Sail Partners is coming up with new ideas on how they can use Informer. According to Wendy Gustafson, with Informer Templates, “The sky is the limit.”

  • Nick Cugini
    Sr Manager Software Development
    Prism HR

    Entrinsik has been great to partner with on our new reporting platform! Their Informer command-line tool has significantly increased our ability to scale our reporting solution and meet the deployment needs of our customers. Not only is the tool easy to use, it’s also extensible. So, if there is a feature you want to add to the tool you can always write the code to do it yourself!

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