Informer Embedded Integration

An Open Architecture for Integration

Informer employs an open architecture based on end-to-end 100% JavaScript, AngularJS and plugins, and is designed to be highly adaptable, flexible, and scalable.

Informer Embedded guides you through integration with other technologies and provides standard tooling to write, test, share, and deploy plugin code.


Plugins allows customization – by customers, system integrator partners, and our own services and development teams – to meet customer requirements without interrupting your own release schedule. These customizations are easily shared between users and organizations via Github or the NPM Central Repository.

API Forward Design

Informer 5 offers a rich, flexible, and simple to understand REST API. Nearly all communication between the Informer UI proper and the Informer Server occurs via this API – thereby ensuring it is functionally complete for partners who tightly integrate Informer 5 with their own applications.

Common Integrations

Most Informer Embedded partners deploy a handful of standard integrations – Single Sign-On, Row Level Security, Look and Feel to name a few – and for these, Informer Embedded offers boilerplate code collections to make deployments simple.
We continue to add to, and when appropriate, modify these common use cases making sure to keep up with emerging standards and strategies. These plugins, along with other plugin example code, are all collected and maintained on our public Github.

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