Coming Soon: Informer 4.5!

Posted on June 1st 2015

We’ll be releasing the latest and greatest Informer with version 4.5 soon! Below are a few highlights about what’s new in the new release, and to see it in action join us for a live webinar demo on Thursday, June 4th at 2pm EDT. Register for free here!

Embedded Links

For a long time Informer has had the ability to “link” mappings together, so that the report writer can focus on what data to show and not worry about how to get to it. On SQL databases these relationships are known as “joins.” Links are represented in the column choosers as this:ss1


Notice “Accounts Custom.” In our CRM software we have custom data buckets that are part of Account records but stored in the “Accounts Custom” mapping. End users of the CRM may not understand what “Accounts Custom” is, but they may want to report on a field in there. Here we introduce Embedded Links.



Quite simply, an embedded link means that a linked table’s columns should appear as part of the “from” table. So where we link “Accounts” to “Accounts Custom:”

If we click the “embed” checkbox and save it, all properties “Account Custom” will appear as if they are in “Accounts”. They will still appear in “Accounts Custom” also, if you have a report that starts there.

Now notice what we see when we go to choose fields from “Accounts:”



The “Accounts Custom” mapping is now not showing as a link, but it’s properties (Accounting Id C) are listed in the Accounts field list! Also notice we have a new link showing, “Products,”  linked from “Accounts Custom.” Embed brings links along as well. To the end user, the “Accounts” mapping and the “Accounts Custom” mapping look like they are the same. All existing linked properties in pre-4.5 reports will work as expected, even if you embed existing links. We like this feature a lot, as it simplifies the data landscape significantly.


SQL enhancements

Hang on to your hats, SQL report writers. Informer has upped her game. We now have friendly UI support for scalar join conditions, all join types, sub selects, aggregate functions in conditions or “having” conditions, and “select distinct.”








Maps for Dashboards

We have also added a new maps provider for dashboards. These maps will provide zoomable map controls:



Zoomed in:



We will be including state maps with county boundaries, as well as the entire United States. We will also include world maps by region. You will be able to add custom maps to Informer dashboards. If you can draw it in GeoJSON, you can use it in a dashboard. We are excited about the possibilities our user base will uncover.



Other enhancements include

  • Subtotals in grouped reports are now visible without having to expand groups.
  • When creating a link from one mapping to another, you can create the reverse link at the same time.
  • Charts in report results have been replaced with a better visualization.

We hope you will love the new Informer 4.5!

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