informer embedded

informer embedded
Informer Embedded is a great choice for software vendors looking to provide purposeful, self-service analytics within or complementing their software solutions. Integration is quick and seamless with our heavily experienced and results-driven in-house team. You can choose your integration path with options from inlined content to external, connected but separate full applications. All options are entirely customizable and white-labeled to match the look and feel of your brand flawlessly so that you can provide critical insights without sacrificing your software’s identity.

Our team listens to and delivers on your requirements, developing a modern UI framework with pixel-perfect reporting and robust dashboard customization. With complete data blending, multi-tenant deployment, an extensible plugin architecture, and a popular, modern technology stack, Informer provides an exceptional and personalized user experience for your customers.

Highly Customizable

Informer Embedded provides a tailored solution for your application analytics and intelligence needs – pull from our existing flows or seamlessly include Informer driven content alongside your own defined UX.

We offer modern tooling allowing for a broad range of integration possibilities ensuring you get the precise analytics environment your users require.

Informer provides many extension points for plugins to safely customize behavior in a forward migratable way:


  • Look and Feel Changes
  • New UI Elements
  • Custom Report and Export Types
  • Custom Job Tasks
  • Data Security Interceptors
  • Data Connectors
  • Custom Visuals
  • Feature Toggles
  • Default Content
  • API Interceptors
With Informer Templates, Full Sail Partners can rerun data as many times as they need on an ad hoc basis to include all necessary information within the template. For every single agreement, Full Sail is saving about 20 minutes, adding up to a significant amount of time saved. Full Sail has future-proofed their forms with Informer by using its ability to populate dynamic fields directly from the database.

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Informer’s administrative functionality enables partners and clients to bundle Informer content, which can range from meta data (Mappings), data source connection configuration, reports, dashboards, system settings and attributes, and security (single sign-on configuration). A bundle can be an entire system backup or a specific combination of items and is a wonderful means of standardization, versioning, and onboarding and maintaining clients.
  • Easily supply product/vertical specific content upon installation.
  • Save time and resources in managing and disseminating different versions.
  • Leverage existing bundles with future Informer releases.
  • Quickly deploy content to one or more tenants in a multi-tenant Informer environment.

Plugin Architecture

Informer’s plugin architecture enables your developers to author application specific workflows to augment otherwise standard Informer functionality, presenting an opportunity to apply business rules around authentication, record and field security, data access, branding and look and feel, programmatic content manipulation – and truly anything you can imagine. Our plugin architecture is your toolset for customizing Informer’s implementation and user experience.
  • Simple JavaScript functions that are dynamically loaded and executed during system startup.
  • Plugin registration functions have access to the Informer server instance to register new driver implementations or inject UI scripts and assets into the Informer hostpage.
  • Designed to work in a multi-node Informer cluster.
  • Informer source code is never modified, which means the Informer instance can be upgraded freely without changes to the plugin.

Plugins allows us to connect Informer 5 with our current products, providing a clean integration from one software to another. This gives our customers a seamless and professional feel when using both products. Plugins have also allowed us to achieve specific security in the way data is presented to our customers.

– Ryan Kelly, APT Solutions

Multi-Tenant Support

Informer Embedded is deployed in any number of ways – from a fully integrated component of your application stack to a standalone application.

Your operations team can manage the full environment with true multi-tenant support. Scaling horizontally allows for a single deployment to service any number of tenants, and your operations team can apply resources as needed to specific areas of the environment. Our operations team will guide you through the options and work with you to design the appropriate deployment based on your needs and our experience.

Informer’s multitenancy functionality is built into the application from the bottom up:


  • Tenant identifiers and row level filtering rules are built into the Informer database, making data isolation automatic.
  • New Informer instances can be provisioned in seconds.
  • A multitenant Informer cluster makes efficient use of all server resources.
  • Informer server instances are stateless and can be dynamically scaled up and down.
  • Developers working on new features do not need to factor in multi-tenancy as it’s implemented at a very low level.

Administration and support of Informer tenants is made easy with the built-in impersonation feature. I can have a new client fully activated in minutes with custom content due to Informers Multi-Tenant and Bundling functionality.

– Joel M. Lee, Systems Administrator

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Informer Embedded includes a command line interface (CLI) that can be used to administer a single instance or an entire multi-tenant deployment from a terminal. The CLI can be easily installed onto any Windows, MacOS, or Linux computer. Authorized users can run CLI commands from a terminal to view and deploy content, backup and restore environments, analyze logs, view indexed data, and run queries against defined datasources. For customers with large datasets, the CLI also includes an ingest framework to rapidly ingest millions of rows of data into Informer.
  • Connect to and administer multiple Informer instances from your command line
  • Backup and restore accounts
  • Deploy content updates directly to tenants
  • Set up and execute bulk data ingest plans
  • Query and search data directly and capture the results in JSON or other common formats

Entrinsik has been great to partner with on our new reporting platform! Their informer command line tool has significantly increased our ability to scale our reporting solution and meet the deployment needs of our customers. Not only is the tool easy to use, it’s also extensible. So if there is a feature you want to add to the tool you can always write the code to do it yourself!

– Nick Cugini, Sr Manager,
Software Development, Prism HR

Informer in the cloud

Entrinsik offers, but does not require, full managed hosting through Amazon Web Services engaging our operations staff to stand up and manage your secure, dedicated environment. Informer Embedded offered through Informer Cloud maintains all the flexibility of an on-premise deployment while offloading environment service and management – a perfect option for existing cloud applications and teams aiming for 3rd party managed integrations.
Let our professional cloud services team administer Informer for you and keep it upgraded.

  • Create new customer instances with a single click.
  • Scalable performance. We make sure your cluster has the resources it needs to run fast.
  • Access your reports from anywhere at any time.
  • Extensive security: All data encrypted at rest; TLS used to communicate with all supporting services; HTTPS used with all interactions with the application.

Highly Customizable

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Plugin Architecture

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Multi Tenant Support

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Informer Embedded Includes

Modern Platform

Integrations made simple with widely popular technologies including Node.js / Elasticsearch / PostreSQL.

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Flawless UI

Employ Informer’s tag libraries to inline content directly in your existing UI.

Quick Implementations

Results-driven and in-house integration team ready to realize project goals on your timeline.

Offer Self-Service BI

Deliver the full spectrum of no-code reporting capabilities direct to your end users.

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Nimble Integration

Flexible API and integration strategies lead to one of a kind, target-centric integrations.

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Blended Data

Offer reporting content across your platform from all your datasources, structured or otherwise.

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Our Informer Embedded team is happy to provide a demo and a fully supported
trial to see how Informer can be the ideal complement to your software offering.