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Informer 5 Entrinsicon Sessions

  • Informer Cloud Overview

    Learn about our Informer Cloud offering, SOC II certification, migration process, and benefits.

  • Health Check and Optimizing Informer Performance

    Dive into the critical aspects of health check and performance optimization to ensure your Informer system is running at its peak efficiency. Discover best practices for system monitoring, performance tuning, and identifying bottlenecks, empowering you to proactively optimize your Informer environment, enhance data analysis capabilities, and maximize the overall performance and reliability of your system. Monitor usage in your system and see the Transparency and Traceability tenets of Data Governance in action.

  • Connecting To Different Data Types

    Explore the versatility of Informer’s connectivity options, including Web Datasources, Workspaces, and foreign data wrappers. Discover how to seamlessly integrate and access data from diverse sources, unlocking the power of Informer to analyze, visualize, and report on data from various platforms, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive view of your organization’s data landscape.

  • Jobs Administration

    Learn the ins and outs of managing and optimizing Informer Jobs for efficient data processing and automation. Gain practical insights into scheduling, monitoring, and troubleshooting Jobs, empowering you to streamline your data workflows, maximize productivity, and ensure timely and accurate delivery of Reports and analytics within your Informer environment.

  • Multi-Tenant Deployment for Partners

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of deploying Informer in a multi-tenant environment. Explore best practices, configuration techniques, and security considerations for efficiently managing and serving multiple clients within a single Informer instance, empowering partners to deliver robust, scalable, and customized data analytics and reporting solutions to their diverse customer base.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Informer

    Get a sneak peak of how we are using the power of AI to streamline the way you interact with Informer and your data.

  • Leveraging Upsert, Append and Snapshots

    Unlock the power of data management with upsert, append, and Snapshots functionalities. Explore how to leverage these features to efficiently update, merge, and track changes in your Datasets, enabling you to maintain data integrity, automate data updates, and capture Snapshots for historical analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights from your data.

  • Working with Large Data

    Identify effective strategies for working with large data sets and harnessing the full potential of Informer’s capabilities. Explore techniques for optimizing performance, leveraging data sampling, implementing filters, and utilizing advanced data analysis functionalities, empowering you to efficiently analyze and derive insights from large-scale data sets, regardless of their size or complexity.

  • Security in Informer

    Explore the robust security features within Informer and learn how to leverage Mapping Sets, Restricted Fields, and Filters to ensure data confidentiality and access control. Gain practical insights into implementing role-based security, creating secure Data Views, and utilizing fine-grained permissions, empowering you to safeguard sensitive information, comply with regulatory requirements, and enforce Data Governance within your Informer environment.

  • Single Source of Truth

    Unlock the power of creating a single source of truth by combining data from multiple sources. Explore the capabilities of Flow Steps to automate data processing and row-level security to pare down views, leverage Public Filters for seamless data exploration, and utilize Teams and sharing features to foster collaboration and ensure data consistency, empowering you to achieve a unified, reliable, and actionable view of your organization’s data.

  • Traceability and Transparency

    Learn how to use System Audit and Informer Datasource to keep track of your system and keep Informer performant. Leverage Snapshots for Traceability of historic data.

  • Public Facing Dashboards – Hybrid between On-Prem and Cloud

    Use Informer Cloud to allow your dashboard to be public without sacrificing security.

  • Best Practices Onboarding and Offboarding Users

    Learn the essential techniques for a seamless User Management process. Explore strategies for efficient User provisioning, access control, role assignment, and account deactivation, empowering you to streamline User onboarding and offboarding, enforce security measures, and ensure proper Data Governance within your Informer environment.

  • Tips Migrating to Informer 5

    Join us for essential tips for a smooth migration to Informer 5, where you’ll gain practical insights and best practices to ensure a successful transition. Explore key considerations, data migration strategies, and step-by-step guidance to effectively migrate your Informer 4 environment to Informer 5, empowering you to leverage the enhanced features and functionalities of the latest version with confidence and efficiency.

  • Tour of Informer 5 for Beginners

    Embark on a guided tour of Informer 5 designed for beginners in this informative class. Explore the user interface, discover the core features, and learn the basics of data analysis, reporting, and visualization within Informer 5, empowering you to navigate the platform with confidence and lay a strong foundation for your data-driven journey.

  • Interact, Analyze and Discover Your Data

    Dive into the world of data interaction, analysis, and discovery using powerful features such as Discover, Actions, Filters, Column Formatting, and Visuals. Learn how to leverage these functionalities to dynamically explore and manipulate data, enhance data visualization, and uncover valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize the value of your data.

  • Customizing Dashboards with Visualizations and Input Filters

    Discover the art of customizing Dashboards with powerful Visuals and Input Filters. Learn how to create interactive and visually compelling Dashboards, leverage a wide range of visualization options, and incorporate input filters to empower users to dynamically explore and analyze data, providing a rich and immersive data-driven experience.

  • Using Flow Steps to Enhance Your Data Output

    Unlock the full potential of your data output by mastering the art of using Flow Steps. Explore how to leverage Flow Steps to automate complex data transformations, manipulate and enrich your data, and streamline your data workflows, empowering you to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality of your data output.

  • How to Use JavaScript and Saved Functions to Massage Your Data

    Learn the art of data manipulation using JavaScript and Saved Functions to unlock the full potential of your data. Learn techniques to leverage these powerful tools within Informer 5, empowering you to perform complex data transformations, calculations, and manipulations, enabling you to derive meaningful insights, enhance analysis capabilities, and create customized Reports tailored to your unique business needs.

  • Using Jobs to Enhance Business Processes

    Leverage the powerful capabilities of Jobs with Filters, Grouping, Job Actions, Dataset Settings, and Date Keywords. Learn how to effectively utilize these features to automate data processing, streamline workflows, and generate timely, accurate, and actionable Reports, enabling you to optimize business operations and drive informed decision-making.

  • See Power Scripts in Action

    Explore the art of Power Scripts within Informer 5 to automate tasks, perform advanced calculations, and customize your data analysis and reporting workflows, empowering you to harness the full power of Informer and unlock new levels of efficiency and flexibility in your data-driven journey.

  • Education Roundtable

    Join our Informer roundtable discussion focused on Education, where industry experts, educators, and data analysts come together to explore the transformative power of data in the Education sector. Engage in thought-provoking conversations about leveraging data analytics to improve student performance, enhance administrative processes, and make data-driven decisions. This session will foster an environment of knowledge-sharing and collaboration to drive positive change in the field of Education.

  • Using Informer 5 API to Drive Communication, Integrations and Workflow (Cal Lutheran)

    Join us for a real-world session to see how Informer can merge data from different sources (SQL, Excel, REST APIs, etc) into a single Report or Dataset. Its sophisticated caching mechanism allows merged data to be fetched and refreshed whenever necessary (manually, programmatically, and/or on a set schedule). Traditionally, Cal Lutheran has used merged data to get better insights via Reports and Dashboards. Now, they are also using it to automate communications and action items.

  • Highland Title –Using Power Scripts and Dashboards to Track Commissions

    Join us for a real-world session and see how Highland Title has used aggregated data to generate Reports to create efficiencies for our company to grow. Datasets and Dashboards help us see an accurate picture of where we are and what we need to do to be in alignment with our goals. In our Daily Open Case report, our growth team has actionable steps to reach out to different parties of the transaction to secure new business. Our Order Entry Dashboard has created a platform for our employees to reference when entering transactions to preserve data integrity.

  • Create and Customize Your Output Using Templates and Letterheads

    Dive into the art of creating pixel-perfect Reports using Templates and Letterheads. Explore the powerful customization options available with Templates and Letterheads, mastering techniques to design professional, branded Reports with precise control over layout, formatting, and visual elements. The results are visually stunning branded Reports that effectively communicate information and elevate the overall reporting experience.

  • Round Table Discussion on Datasets versus Ad Hoc Query

    Participate in our Informer roundtable discussion to gain valuable insights into leveraging Datasets for structured analysis and reporting, as well as harnessing the flexibility and real-time nature of Ad hoc Queries for on-the-fly exploration of data, empowering you to make informed decisions on selecting the most suitable approach for your specific data analysis needs.

  • Deploying Comprehensive Datasets: Deliver reliable data and efficient reporting across the institution

    Gain practical insights from Greg Bailey at NIACC on maximizing the power of Informer’s Dataset feature that enhances data analysis and reporting capabilities by leveraging the synergy between I5, Colleague SQL, third-party databases, our Edify Cloud Datawarehouse for comprehensive reporting in the higher education setting.

  • Templates – What’s Possible

    Join us for a real-world session on the power of Templates. Gain insights into how Templates in Informer enables precise control over report design, layout, and formatting, allowing Tulsa Tech to create visually stunning Reports tailored to their specific branding and presentation requirements, resulting in impactful and professional-looking Reports.

  • Using Informer Experts through Managed Services – St. Clair County Community College

    Learn how St. Clair County Community College leveraged Informer’s Managed Services to streamline data collection, automate reporting processes, and ensure compliance, enabling them to navigate Federal reporting demands with ease and precision.

  • Connect 3rd Party and Your Data to Create a Full Picture of your Business

    Join us for a real-world session to learn the significance of connecting 3rd party data with your own, to paint a comprehensive picture of your business as HDWP Consulting has successfully achieved. Discover how leveraging Informer’s capabilities to integrate external data sources and combine them with internal data empowers organizations to gain deeper insights, make informed decisions, and unlock hidden opportunities that drive business growth and success.

  • Customized Proposals: Streamlining the Creation Process with Informer Templates

    Join us for a real-world session to discover the power of Informer Templates in automating your proposal process. Learn how to streamline your workflow, save time, and increase efficiency by leveraging Informer’s customizable Templates for creating professional proposals effortlessly as Full Sail successfully accomplished.