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Enrole Entrinsicon Sessions

  • Enrole Product Suite New Features Previews

    Stay ahead of the curve with a preview of new features in Enrole. Members of the Enrole Development Team will discuss and demonstrate the highlights of Release 8.3, coming to you this fall! Get a head start in understanding what’s coming before the release notes arrive at your desk. 

  • Pilot Program: Enrole Reporting with i5

    Learn from the Enrole client pilot sites about your transition to Informer 5 with Q&A. Likely topics include i5 user interface, expanded i5 features such as templates for pixel-perfect output, recommended i5 training for your staff, and necessary steps for migrating your existing reports from i4 to i5. Bring your questions about what you can do with Informer 5!

  • NEW Enhancements for Client Portal and Contract Training

    See what’s new for “custom training” in Enrole. More info as it becomes available.

  • Embedding Acquired Skills in Program Certificates

    Presenters will share a model for including program skills directly on an earned certificate. The session will cover the process for identifying industry-needed skills and how labor market data is included in program descriptions and marketing. Planned topics include designing skills-based programs, documenting learned skills in Enrole, developing certificates, collaborating with Entrinsik, and realizing benefits for participants.

  • Awards, Certificates, and Badges Round Table

    Awards such as Badges and Certificates are flooding the landscape. For this roundtable, come to share ideas for how to use Enrole now and what new features would be helpful when introducing new programs or enhancing existing ones.

  • Let’s Talk All Things Integrations – Panel discussion:

    Sites have made a wide variety of workflow and automation choices, some very creative. This session will discuss integrating Enrole data with various ERP, LMS and SSO systems. Bring your questions and suggestions for future integrations.

  • Who Knew We Could Do That with Correspondences!

    Engage and inform your constituents of new ideas for effective use of the Correspondence Portal. We’ll start off with a brief overview of the Correspondence Portal followed by examples from client sites of innovative solutions to everyday tasks. Join this session to expand your thinking about using Enrole tools for operational communications. Bring your questions, suggestions, and ideas for new ways to use correspondences with Enrole.

  • Best Practices with Enrole Reporting

    Learn how to use hidden gems in Enrole Reporting to manage tasks and empower your staff. Planned topics include using reports to manage duplicates, using titles and tags to manage reports, exporting from Enrole for external uploads, scheduling reports for reconciling and monitoring, and using Informer Internal reports for better understanding of your Enrole database and Enrole reports. Bring your own best practices to share!

  • Boost Your Shopping Cart Usability

    Take a peek at user experience ideas and client site examples such as Overview URLs, Cards, Bulletins, and use of Resources and Vocabulary. Discussion will include visual best practices from Enrole sites and the Enrole team. Join this session to get ideas flowing for your most effective Shopping Cart site.

  • Top Tips for Enrole and the Portals

    Optimize your workflow and dazzle your registrants, clients, and instructors by putting Enrole to work in creative new ways. This session is an opportunity to learn and share ideas for using client and instructor portals, session schedules, program management tools, Enrole templates, and more. Bring your own tips to share!

  • Development Roadmap & Discussion

    Learn what’s coming up next for Enrole. Review the roadmap and share your development interests. Come to this session to hear our plans and to add your organization’s needs to our design and planning process. We want to hear from you!

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