F.W. Davison & Company Embeds Informer’s Agile Business Intelligence Capabilities into its Software Platform

Posted on November 28th 2012

A recent benchmark report entitled “Agile Business Intelligence” produced by market research firm Gleanster evaluated 32 business intelligence vendors (BI) in four categories: Ease of Deployment, Ease of Use, Features and Functionality, and Overall Value.

Drawing from the experiences of 367 companies, this 38-page report offers a comprehensive look at how Top Performers are using agile BI to enable continuous, on-demand reporting, empower non-IT professionals with data access and drive faster, smarter business decisions.

According to Gleanster, Informer Partner F.W. Davison is a great example of an organization reaping the benefits of agile business intelligence.

F.W. Davison & Company is a leading provider of high-performance software solutions for professional employer organizations (PEOs). The company sells its software to human resources (HR) outsourcing vendors, some of which have hundreds of thousands of small business clients.

When it comes to employee payroll and benefits, there is no shortage of data. For decision makers, it seems they can never generate enough reports from the data. To help satisfy their need for information and insights, F.W. Davison has not only embedded agile BI capabilities into its platform but has also developed over 1,200 core report templates.

According to Craig Babigian, who serves as executive vice president, that number still falls short of the ideal. “If we had 12,000 templates,” he says, “it still wouldn’t be nearly enough.”

That’s because virtually every HR department wants reports in different formats and in different combinations, whether the focus is payroll analysis, employee benefit analysis, or any other type of analysis. That is where the flexibility of agile BI comes into play. “The possibilities are endless in terms of how data can be combined and sorted,” says Babigian. “There’s not much you can do with a printed report. Now users can run analytics and create their own charts based on their specific needs.”

The real beauty lies in the fact that users can combine data from multiple databases into a single report. For example, they can generate a report on payroll information and benefit coverage in one fell swoop, even through the requisite data may come from two separate databases.

Business users are empowered to engage with that report on the screen in multiple ways. They can run analytics that sort, aggregate and summarize certain columns or segments of information. They can schedule tasks to automatically create and email the format. “It’s all the same data,” says Babigian, “but everyone wants to see it differently.”

“Agility is a great word to use in the context of BI when you’re trying to create an alternative to the traditional, full-scale approach to data analysis,” says Jeff Zabin, Gleanster’s research director and co-author of the report. “It speaks to the acceleration of decision-making cycles and the need to put the right data and tools in the hands of business users.”

“Informer is a great example of a solution that is bringing the promise of Agile BI to life,” says Zabin.

For a free copy of the report, visit https://entrinsik.com/informer-gleanster-agilebi.

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