Entrinsik’s 30 Year Anniversary

Posted on November 21st 2014

Many years ago, in 1984, an ambitious entrepreneur began a small private company. 30 years, a whole lot of determination, and several products later, Entrinsik is still up and running, and more successful than ever.

On Thursday, November 6th, in honor of this momentous occasion, the employees of Entrinsik decided to throw a little surprise party for company founder and CEO, Doug Leupen. We still don’t know how we managed to pull it off, but during a small business lunch at one of his favorite restaurants here in Raleigh, all of the Entrinsik employees quietly sneaked in while our “Commander-in-Chief” was distracted by the manager.

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Imagine his surprise when rounding the corner, he saw every one of his company’s employees standing around the room, yelling “Surprise!”

Doug was surprised.


We got it on film! Watch the video ⇒

After all the initial greetings and congratulations, we presented Doug with a plaque commemorating the  anniversary, and a special engraved watch.

After a wonderful lunch provided by the restaurant, Doug was  subjected to the  speeches of numerous employees, some heartfelt and sweet, some heartfelt and funny  (Doug always was a fan of the “roast”).

We talked about how grateful and happy we felt to be part of such a great company, and to have such a  bright, competent, and caring boss. Old, young, just-out-of-college grads and company veterans alike, Entrinsik employees are like a big family, with our CEO the glue that hold us all together.

If you’ve ever met any of us, or spoken to us on the phone or through email, one thing always comes across about our staff – we love our company, we love our customers, and we put 100% into our jobs everyday. This wouldn’t be possible without the support and motivation from the man up top.

So if you happen to see Doug out and about or at a conference or trade show, be sure to say hi. It’s not every person out there who can keep a company running and successful for 30 years!

Here’s to you, Doug Leupen, to the tireless employees of Entrinsik, Inc., and to our wonderful customers and partners for helping to make it all possible. And here’s to another 30 years!

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