Entrinsik Launches Informer Dashboards With Web-based, Interactive Data Visualization

Posted on June 1st 2012

Entrinsik has announced the general release of Informer Dashboards. With a powerful 100% Java-driven architecture and browser-based interface, Informer Dashboards allow organizations to visualize real-time data from multiple sources on one screen to quickly identify actionable information and key trends.

For tens of thousands of users around the world, Informer software provides real-time access to multiple databases including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, DB2, Informix, U2 and others without the need for complex ETL processes, data warehousing, or data cubing.  From an intuitive drag and drop web interface, Informer’s self-service reporting capabilities enable business users to drill down into data elements in real-time, sort and group, build interactive charts and perform ad-hoc analysis without IT support.  Informer is implemented in hours and is easy to install, configure and administer, delivering quick ROI and a low total cost of ownership.

With the addition of Dashboards, Informer has evolved into a highly intuitive, comprehensive operational business intelligence solution ideal for organizations that need to make better decisions faster, don’t have a sizable budget for infrastructure and staffing, and want to minimize the risks involved in deploying a new BI solution.

Informer Dashboards enable business users to instantly create and share personalized dashboards and data visualizations while providing administrators with a flexible, extensible, lightweight operational BI platform.

Here are some features of Informer Dashboards that make it so powerful:

  • Access data from multiple sources, including data warehouses, cubes, Informer reports, Google Docs, etc.
  • Develop dashboards using a single web-based interface by dragging and dropping.
  • Incorporate runtime variables allowing users to specify filter parameters and underlying KPIs on the fly.
  • Update dashboard widgets with real-time data according to your refresh schedule.
  • View multiple reports and visualizations on one screen to provide context for the data displayed.
  • Drill down into dashboard details to answer specific questions.
  • Access a library of widgets for immediate data summarization and visualization.

“Many enterprises find it increasingly difficult to justify the huge footprint and IT investments that typically accompany traditional BI,” said Doug Leupen, President/CEO at Entrinsik. “We’ve built Informer with a 100% Java-driven architecture using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) with a focus on ease of use, performance and extensibility to enable organizations to access information wherever it is and make data-driven decisions to improve profits or minimize costs.”

For a free trial of Informer, contact sales@entrinsik.com or call 888-703-0016.

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