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Informer Presentations

Here you will find Informer 5 and Informer 4 presentations delivered at Entrinsicon 2020.


Informer 5 – Introductory Training

This presentation will guide you through the new features and functionality of Informer 5. Learn how to build a basic Dataset, add simple Flow Steps, use the Discover tool and Pivot Tables, and generate Reports from the data. We also talk about Jobs and scheduling, and give a basic overview of the new security model using Teams.

This presentation is for general users.

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Informer 5 – Advanced Training
This presentation provides a deep-dive into Informer 5’s Flow Steps to see how you can extract further value from the data you are using. Learn how to use the API to access Informer content from outside of the application. Get a basic understanding of how to develop your own plugins for Informer 5 to extend its functionality.

This session is for advanced users.

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Informer 5 – Setting Up Informer – Installing, Connecting and Upgrading

This presentation provides an overview of Informer 5 architecture and watch a Windows native install and configuration.

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Informer 5 – Setting Up Security

This presentation covers best practices when setting up security, connecting to domains, and using SSO.

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Informer 5 – Health Check and Common Troubleshooting

This presentation covers how to identify and diagnose common issues thru reading logs and understanding errors.

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Informer 5 – API

This presentation covers how to interact with Informer’s REST API and learn how to embed content outside of Informer.

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Informer 5 – Plugins

This presentation demonstrates the extensibility of Informer 5 and how to create a simple plugin.

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Informer 5 – Advanced Deployment and Configuration

This presentation demonstrates a Docker Informer 5 deployment and configuration. Load-balance configurations and the possibility of clustering Elastic Search are discussed.

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Informer 5 – Tour of Informer 5

This presentation provides a guided tour of Informer 5.

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Informer 5 – Datasources and Connecting to Your Data

This presentation shows how easy it is to connect to your data and set up the schema mappings. Hide fields and restrict fields as needed. Learn how to build a Dataset that you can then lock down to preserve a single source of truth.

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Informer 5 – Creating Datasets and Using Data Flows

This presentation shows how to use Data Flows to augment, cleanse, and enhance your Data as it comes (flows) from the Datasource into a Dataset. Maybe add Geo location coordinates to a zip code or a compute a calculated column, or cleanse your data by removing duplicates.

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Informer 5 – Interact, Analyze and Discover Your Data

This presentation shows how to filter your Dataset to narrow the scope of the data. Pivot on your data to glean insights. Use Visuals to picture your data. Informer 5 Discovery automatically suggests Visuals to you based on your field selections. Create Dashboards almost seamlessly, and even create Comparison Dashboards with just a few clicks. On top of all that, embed your creations outside of Informer if you desire.

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Informer 5 – Teams and Users: Governing Your Data

This presentation shows how to map your organization Departments into functional Teams in Informer 5. Learn concepts like Ownership, Sharing, and Team Roles. Share ideas and comments with your Team members through Collaboration.

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Informer 5 – Scheduling and Jobs

This presentation shows how to set up a job, refresh a Dataset on a Job, add Actions to a Job and set the schedule.

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Informer 5 – Differences between 4 and 5

Informer 5 is reengineered from the ground up. This presentation shows the differences in system architecture and how that translates to the user experience – faster and more powerful.

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Informer 5 – Multi-tenant Deployment
for Partners

This presentation shows how true multi-tenancy in Informer 5 allows you to deploy multiple sites within a single Informer instance.

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Informer 5 – Migrating to Informer 5

This presentation discusses creating I4 packages and bringing over content intelligently. Converting multiple reports to one dataset.

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Informer 5 – Informer Scripting

This presentation shows the power of scripting in Informer 5.

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Informer 4 – Informer 4 Overview

This presentation provides a general overview of Informer 4. You will the learn the simple ins and outs of creating an Informer report including building conditions, adding and formatting columns, launching a report, exporting a report, and scheduling the report.

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Informer 4 – Advanced Features

So, you know how to us the basic functions of Informer, but there are many features that people miss. This presentation demonstrates using code files in both conditions and columns, utilizing User Fields for row level security, creating pdf templates, using Aggregate columns, and much more.

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Informer 4 – Advanced Criteria Options

There are advanced criteria options for both U2 and SQL datasources. This presentation discusses how Informer replicates SQL joins through mapping links and use SQL functions as Informer properties. You will learn how to use the new SQL criteria types to create more complicated SQL queries, how to create more complex U2 conditions including compound OR statements, conditions using NONE, and working with associated multi-valued fields. We also demonstrate how and when to use the Select/Return condition type.

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Informer 4 – Custom Format Overview

Custom export provides the user a way to create and design a template that can be uploaded to Informer and used to export report data into a completely customizable view, into either an HTML or PDF file. The basis of a template is HTML/CSS and FreeMarker, but can be created any number of ways. This presentation provides an introduction on how to create a template and upload it into Informer.

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Informer 4 – Commonly Used Calculated Columns

Informer allows you to extend your reporting capabilities by adding calculated columns. Calculated columns use report data, literal values, or other data to do calculations, such as adding two column values together or concatenating first name and last name together. This presentation covers how to create a simple calculated column in addition to viewing examples of the most commonly used calculated columns among our customers.

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Informer 4 – Creating and Using Informer Functions

You may have some calculated columns that you want to use in multiple reports. A lot of users copy and paste the code from one calculated column to another from report to report. That can get messy when you are using different columns or field from different links. This presentation covers how to create an Informer function and use it in reports.

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Informer 4 – Maintenance

Informer takes care of itself for the most part, but there are times when you may need to do some administrative housekeeping to keep things running smoothly. This presentation covers how to reclaim disk space from previous upgrades, resize your Derby tables, clean up your Informer logs, and much more!

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Informer 4 – Break into Informer 4 Security

This presentation will help you learn how Informer security works in relation to groups, users, mappings, fields, and row level security. There are many ways to build out your Informer security but here we show you some best practices of creating your security model.

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Informer 5 – Customer Presentation: Southern Supply ERP to CRM

This presentation by Informer 5 customer 5 customer discusses how they have integrated different systems with Informer 5 to create an up-to-the-minute holistic view of their business.

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Informer 5 Partner Presentation: FullSail

This presentation by Informer 5 business partner, FullSail, discusses how they have improved decision making both internally and for their clients through Informer 5’s report creation and information sharing capability.

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Informer 5 Partner Presentation: InTempo

This presentation by Informer 5 business partner,InTempo, discusses how they have integrated their ERP system with Informer 5 to provide to their clients a more powerful system for business reporting and analysis.

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