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2020 Entrinsicon Sessions
Informer AdministratorSetting Up Informer in a Secure EnvironmentCome join us to see an overview of Informer 5 architecture – Understanding and setting up the Informer dependencies for the best performance.
Installation and SetupRunning through a Windows and Docker Installation. This session will demonstrate a Docker Informer 5 deployment and configuration. We will discuss the Load-balance configurations and the possibility of clustering Elastic Search.
Backup and RestoreUnderstand the different backup methods dependent on your Informer 5 installation process.
Using Teams and User Access to Govern your DataThis session will cover best practices when setting up your Domain, Teams and Users and how that inter-relates with Mapping Sets and access to both Datasources and Datasets.
Health Check and Common TroubleshootingCome learn how to identify and diagnose common issues by understanding how to read the logs and error messages.
Using the APIUnderstand how to interact with Informer’s REST API and learn how to embed content outside of Informer. See some examples of how to integrate API connections into your workflow.
Best Practices for Multi-tenant DeploymentLearn how to deploy a multi-tenant Informer installation. This session will demonstrate how easy it is to deploy a new tenant and copy content from one to the other.
Best Strategies for Handling Large DatasetsInformer can now update your data faster and more efficiently. Understand the use cases for using incremental updates and how to implement this feature.
Datasources, Links and Custom FieldsInformer can connect to multiple types of databases. Learn the ins and outs of setting up Datasources, links and creating Custom Fields.
The Power of PowerscriptsUnderstand how powerful Powerscripts can be when using to manipulate and enhance your data result set.
User Defined Fields and Row Level SecurityUser Defined Fields allows the user to set values for users against specific fields to allow for Row Level Security. Come to this session to see how to set this up and learn about useful ways to utilize this feature.
Installing and Configuring PluginsMany of our customer used custom plugins. Learn how to install and configure and update your system with plugins. We will demonstrate a sample plugin.
Elasticsearch Configuration and AdministrationCome to this session learn how to adjust Elasticsearch settings, configuration and installation to fit your institutions’ need and take a glimpse at Elasticsearch logging.
InformerInformer 4 OverviewThis will be a general overview of Informer 4. You will the learn the simple ins and outs of creating an Informer report including building conditions, adding and formatting columns, launching a report, exporting a report, and scheduling the report.
Informer 4 Advanced FeaturesSo, you know how to us the basic functions of Informer, but there are many features that people miss. This class will demonstrate using code files in both conditions and columns, utilizing User Fields for row level security, creating pdf templates, using Aggregate columns, and much more.
Commonly Used Calculated Columns for Informer 4Informer allows you to extend your reporting capabilities by adding calculated columns. Calculated columns use report data, literal values, or other data to do calculations, such as adding two column values together or concatenating first name and last name together. Learn how to create a simple calculated column in addition to viewing examples of the most used calculated columns among our customers.
Maintenance for a Mature Informer 4 SystemLearn some tips and tricks to keep your Informer 4 running smoothly. You will learn how to delete and clean up old and unused files and tweak your system for optimal performance.
Differences between 4 and 5Informer 5 is reengineered from the ground up. Learn the differences in system architecture and how that translates to the user experience – faster and more powerful.
Implementation StrategyLet us walk you through our implementation strategy whether you are migrating from Informer 4 or starting out brand new in Informer 5. We will show you a sample project plan to give you a step by step process to give you a smoot transition to using Informer 5.
Tour of Informer 5Follow us through a guided tour of Informer 5 from building a Dataset, creating a Job to refresh and send emails, to building a meaningful Dashboard and then sharing content.
What’s New in Informer 5See all the new features in Informer 5!
Creating and Using DatasetsThis session will include all the information you need to know about building and using Datasets. Understand how to create datasets, add saved filters and visuals, and share content to teams and users.
Differences Between Filters and CriteriaThis session will help you understand when to use Criteria on your Dataset versus, when to use Filters. Filters allow the end user to quickly analyze the data without having to refresh the dataset. See how you can set Filters to Private or Public.
Examples of Useful Data Flows and Post Query CalculationsUse Data Flows to augment, cleanse, and enhance your Data as it comes (flows) from the Datasource into a Dataset. Maybe add Geo location that coordinates to a zip code, compute a calculated column, or cleanse your data by removing duplicates. In addition, learn how to use create calculated columns that work on dataset data after it has been indexed.
How to Create Meaningful Visuals and DashboardsWe all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Learn how to filter your Dataset to narrow the scope of the data. Pivot on your data to glean insights. Use Visuals to picture your data. Informer 5 Discovery automatically suggests Visuals to you based on your field selections. Create Dashboards almost seamlessly, and even create Comparison Dashboards with just a few clicks. In addition, embed your creations outside of Informer if you desire.
Using Jobs and Scheduling to Streamline ProcessesLearn how to set up a job, refresh a Dataset on a Job, add Actions to a Job and set the schedule.
Import/Export – Using Bundles to Move ContentThis session will demonstrate how you can you utilize Bundles to move all types of content from one system to another. This could be one Informer to another or just one Datasource to another. Informer can bundle Mappings, Links, Datasets, Visuals, Teams, Users, Jobs and even Dashboards.
Round Table Discussion on Datasets versus Ad Hoc QuerySee all the new features in Informer 5!
Custom Templates are Here!See the exciting new feature to create templated output. Learn how to customize and import templates to use in exporting your data.
Connect Your Salesforce DatabaseWe have created plugin that can connect your Salesforce database to Informer 5. We will show you the schema and the canned Datasets available and demonstrate the ability to link Salesforce to your main ERP system.
Customer Presentations (TBD)Real life use cases and user tips to get the most out of your Informer.


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