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University of Richmond Alleviate Pain Points

Pain Points

  • Tuition Reimbursement Registration and Reporting
  • Duplication of Effort with Website and Previous Software
  • Manual Registration for OSHER Classes in Banner


  • Non-Credit Courses at 75% Online Registration
  • OSHER Classes From 0% to 83% Online Registration
  • OSHER Opening Day at over 4,500 Registrations

OSHER’s real-time online registrations went from 0% to 83% and continue to grow, with the latest opening day count at over 4,500 registrations!

Daniel Hocutt

University of Richmond

Say Goodbye to Manual Registration

Richmond drastically lessened the amount of registrations taken by staff. If you want to learn how Enrole can lessen the manual work on your staff, then book your demo of Enrole Registration Management software.

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