Enrole Testimonials

University of Southern Maine

During our original implementation of Enrole we were in a time crunch, within 3 weeks we were trained and had completed implementation.

We have found Enrole user friendly for both ourselves and our customers.

The staff at Entrinsik are perhaps their greatest asset. They are knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions.

Christie Anderson

University of Richmond

Thanks to the team at Entrinsik for your dedicated efforts to make our multiple clients rollouts a success!

Tom Walsh

Umpqua Community College

The number one thing that I love about Enrole is that the staff is so friendly and helpful. You very much feel supported.

Robin Vanwinkle

East Carolina University

I love that you can course copy or session copy, so if you’re doing something very similar but with different dates, that copy function makes it really easy to be able to add something new or a different session for that same kind of event.

Danielle Rivenbark

Central Oregon Community College

Before, we had about 29% of our registration that was done online. So far with Enrole, just in a little over a month, we’ve already increased our online registration to 50%.

Stephen Newcombe

Canisius College

Enrole was a perfect fit for us as a complete enrollment management system. It has all the bells and whistles professional development centers need.

Colleen Lyons

University of Alabama

The wide range of automated functions has allowed the University of Alabama to focus on finding new ways to generate event revenue.

Judy Skelton

C5 Group Inc

We’ve worked with Entrinsik for 20 years…this product is really our bread and butter. We have three databases – for our programmes in Canada, the US and the UK – and each has more than 700,000 constituents. There really is no other product in this price point that does what it does for us every day.

Glen Williams