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Semtek 6.5.2 Released

Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson

The newest version of Entrinsik’s Semtek software has been released as of May, 2014.

Find release notes and other features lists on our support page.

To discuss the benefits of upgrading your current install please contact your designated Project Manager or contact us here.

Semtek 6.5.2 Features & Enhancements:

Semtek Additional Security Option

  • Force SSL telnet to be used for employee connections
  • If you have setup SSL security within the database, you can limit SBClient connections to only those that are attempting to use SSL telnet encrypted connections.
  • A new SBCLIENT client record controls whether SBClient connections must use SSL telnet.
  • added as a supported credit card processing provider
  • The hosted version of is now supported.

Shopping Cart

  • Online help added to all portals
  • The instructor portal, client portal, check-in kiosk, and new cart administrative application contain a help button on the top right giving access to documentation regarding the usage of these portals.
  • Administrative access to the Instructor/Client Portals
  • Internal administrative staff can login to these portals and perform the actions available to instructors or clients, as well as class closing/fulfillment functions.
  • Web based shopping cart administrative application
  • “Setup” items available for configuration include: datasource information, mail server credentials, and administrative application user profile.
  • “Cart” items available to review and manage include: system caches, navigation categories, object resources, and informational bulletins.
  • Informational bulletins
  • Quickly create bulletins to be displayed on the front page of the shopping cart (plain text or HTML).
  • Communicate weather closings, holiday messages, system down time, or marketing information to web site visitors.
  • Ability to customize verbiage on Cart login screen for new customers and adding important notes
  • The wording used to indicate to a new student that they should create a profile may be configured.
  • A new important notes section on the login form is available for you to communicate additional information to new/returning students, with a web XML document to setup local parameters.
  • Available seat messages
  • The number of seats available for a class is displayed to the user once the seats fall below a configurable threshold.
  • Search by Instructor
  • Ability to search classes by instructor has been added to the left side navigation.  It brings up an alphabetical listing of active instructors to view their biographies and their upcoming classes.
  • Marketing unsubscribe
  • Add a URL link to your marketing emails to allow your students to unsubscribe (“opt out”) of future marketing promotional emails.

Instructor Portal

  • New security parameters added to control instructor access to the following features
  • Record attendance
  • Session roster
  • Attendee list
  • Profile update
  • Choose which fields to include on the attendee list
  • Configure what student information to include on the attendee list from the options of company name, address, email address and phone. Set your security parameters and fields using XML docs.
  • Emails sent by the shopping cart can be forwarded to cc/bcc addresses
  • You can keep an archive of all email correspondence sent by the shopping cart by adding a bcc address to a local email account.

Client Portal

  • Ability to cancel an attendee from the private session
  • With one click on the private session detail page, you can remove an attendee.
  • External customers may now review their contracts
  • The new Contracts tab gives a listing of all contracts in reverse order of creation.
  • Viewing the contract details gives the customer all of the relevant information concerning the amount committed, consumed, available as well as who has consumed the amounts.

Check-in Kiosk

  • Student Information displays sub-sessions associated with the order
  • You can view the sub-sessions that the student is going to attend along with the main class session.
  • With one click you can mark one or all of the sub-sessions as being scanned.
  • Create a membership card for a student
  • For recurring students, you may create a membership card encoded with their student ID prefixed with a “P” in lieu of encoding their order number on individual badges.

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