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Sales Desk

What Is the Enrole Sales Desk?

The Sales Desk within Enrole Home serves as a centralized hub empowering professionals to efficiently manage their course offerings. It simplifies the non-credit customer enrollment journey by providing a seamless platform for enrollment and registration management.

Enrole is a flexible solution that can be tailored to suit various industries and organizations of different sizes. Whether you are managing registrations for a small training center or a large-scale conference, Enrole can adapt to your requirements. The software is scalable and can accommodate growing numbers of registrations without sacrificing performance.

This innovative platform isn’t just about simplifying administrative tasks; it’s about enhancing satisfaction rates and boosting enrollment figures. With its intuitive interface, Enrole Sales Desk enables administrators to effortlessly navigate through tasks, ultimately elevating overall user satisfaction.


How Does This Benefit You?

Saves Time & Money

The days of tedious manual processes are over. By automating confirmations, receipts, invoices, certificates of attendance, and more. You’ll be able to focus on growing your business. Your staff will be get time back in their day. Printing costs will decrease. You’ll notice an immediate return-on-investment.

Quick Adoption & Transitions

User experience for your staff during implementation and everyday use is important. Enrole is accessible from home or the office, as long as there is a working internet connection. Just as your staff can work from anywhere, you’ll be able to switch your course delivery method just as easily from face-to-face to online or hybrid.

Real-Time Statistics

You’ll be able to see orders (both public sessions and contract training) placed in real-time. Over time statistics will accumulate on course & session revenue, as well as people and companies. By entering in expenses, you can quickly make go/no-go decisions, wait-lists, outstanding debt by session, person, and company.

Functionality Includes:

Intuitive & Clickable InterfaceWaitlist ManagementUnlimited User Defined Fields
Simple Back-End RegistrationDuplicate Person & Company ChecksCancel, Transfer, Adjust, Substitute
Sub-Sessions Cash on Account Unlimited Fee Codes
Discount & Coupon CodesPricing Fee TemplatesContract Training Sessions
Mass Session Update Merge Persons & CompaniesFile Statistics
Course, Session & Discount CopyBlack Out DatesInstructor Fee Templates
Security for Users & GroupsMiscellaneous InvoicingMultiple Carts in Progress
Tasks & Comments on All FilesCourse Pre-Requisites Event Wizard for Session Creation
Certificate Programs Pay Outstanding BalancesFacility & Instructor Conflict Alerts
Term & Session ExpensesBlackboard, Canvas, Moodle, & D2L Payment Gateway Integrations
Colleague ConnectorPersonalize Enrole DashboardsCode Files
WYSIWYG Editor in Course DescriptionPerson & Company Web AccessPricing Activation & Expiration
Scheduled and Contact HoursInformational Bulletins by SessionAssign Confirmation Email Templates
Features in Enrole Home as of version 8.2.2

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