Entrinsik Expands its Enrole Team

Entrinsik has grown its Enrole team with three great additions, while expanding its office space.

The company has added Jon Danaher as an Enrole Web Developer, Cassie Crumal for Enrole Client Support Specialist, and Dawn Wolthuis as a Senior Consultant. Enrole, an acclaimed software-as-as-service (SaaS) platform for registration, course management, and ecommerce is integrated with Entrinsik’s award winning product, Informer, a data management and reporting hub.

Jon Danaher transitioned from customer support to his new role of Web Developer, bringing in–depth knowledge of support and technical aspects of the Enrole product.

Cassie Crumal moved into the first line of support in our customer services area, providing clear communication and teamwork. Dawn Wolthuis brings considerable experience related to higher education and MultiValue databases (Enrole uses UniVerse) and will provide expertise to both the Enrole and Informer products.

She served as the President of Tincat Group for 18 years as a management consultant particularly targeted to software companies and higher education institutions.

She worked on many database applications including several registration systems. Dawn also has extensive experience with database reporting and business intelligence when she served as a Director in the Software Development Division of Ellucian.

For further information on how Enrole can transform your C.E. environment please click here or request a demo today.

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