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Entrinsik Announces Launch of Enrole

Simone McGrath

Raleigh, NC – November 1, 2013 – Entrinsik, Inc. ( has announced the release and launch of its new Enrole software platform. Enrole (formerly Semtek) is a complete course management, registration, financial tracking, e-commerce, and reporting software specifically designed for professional and continuing education, event planners, and seminar and conference industries.

Entrinsik will launch the standard Enrole system during the LERN 2013 Conference in San Francisco, CA, November 20-23, 2013. To develop the web-based Enrole system, Entrinsik worked closely with current Semtek clients and new prospects to better understand their needs in today’s ever changing and diverse business landscape. Enrole incorporates a customer-centric best practices approach learned from extensive work in the educational arena coupled with a deep understanding of the everyday problems faced by businesses in various industries.

“We offer our users a browser based, modern and intuitive interface far removed from the standard menu-driven systems, giving complete flexibility and dynamic hyperlinked information at their fingertips so it’s super easy to use and implement. In fact, it’s easy for everyone,” says Simone McGrath, Director of Enrole Sales & Marketing at Entrinsik.

This evolutionary product is a completely redesigned software platform utilizing the latest web-based technology. While evolving the unique features and expected functionality of the robust, mature, and reliable predecessor Semtek, Entrinsik simplified and completely restructured many processes, utilizing state of the art restyling to create the web-based Enrole registration system. Entrinsik will introduce users to the most comprehensive, completely integrated, clear and intuitive user interface, going beyond registration and course management to include more features, functions, and web portals adapting to a wide range of user needs.

Emphasis for the complete redesign has been placed ultimately on ease of use, integration with third party software API’s, and dynamic web-based portals including an online shopping cart, instructor and administration portals, and a scanner check-in kiosk. Purchasing Enrole will include self-service database reporting with Entrinsik’s award-winning Informer reporting software.

For more information about Entrinsik’s completely redesigned Enrole registration system or to request a personalized free demonstration, visit, email or call 888-703-0016.

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