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Enrole Release 8.2.1

Enrole, the advanced enrollment management system, has recently unveiled version 8.2.1, packed with notable upgrades. This release focuses on streamlining operations and bolstering security, providing users with enhanced functionality and peace of mind. Let’s delve into the key highlights and how they contribute to a more efficient and secure enrollment process.

Enrole 8.2.1 introduces unified authentication for Enrole and the Portals, eliminating the need for separate administrative passwords. This consolidation simplifies user access and allows administrators to exercise better control over portal permissions. Additionally, security and login reports have been introduced to monitor portal access and user activity effectively. The change history report has also been improved to accurately attribute modifications and deletions, enhancing transparency.

The release also introduces the Colleague Connector, an add-on feature enabling seamless real-time data transfer between Enrole and Ellucian Colleague. This integration ensures smooth synchronization of courses, sessions, persons, and enrollments, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. Users interested in the Colleague Connector can contact Enrole for a quote and further details.

Enrole’s SAML 2.0 SSO Integration and Azure AD Integration for the shopping cart feature offer instant and secure authentication for students with existing single sign-on accounts. These enhancements exemplify Enrole’s commitment to providing advanced and user-friendly enrollment management solutions.

Enrole 8.2.1 focuses on optimizing operations and strengthening security in the enrollment management process. With unified authentication, improved data transfer capabilities, and streamlined updates, Enrole offers administrators a more efficient and secure platform. These updates contribute to an enhanced user experience and facilitate effective enrollment management.

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