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Enrole: Little Features, Big Impact

Simone McGrath

When thinking about all the bells and whistles of Enrole, everyone has something different they love. People do not always utilize the little features that can have a big impact on their daily work.

Mass Session Update

If you have a big registration “kick-off” day or have sessions you don’t want people to see online or register for until a certain time of day, you can use mass session update to make it a much quicker process for your staff. Although, if you don’t mind the sessions appearing at 1 minute past midnight on a certain day you can set the “show from” date in the session. If you do have a certain time in mind, then simply leave those sessions as tentative until you’re ready to release them online. On the “go-live” date and time of your choice, you can search for all tentative sessions within a certain date range and set them to open all in one go – easy peasy. Don’t forget to flush the cache!

Tasks and Comments

How many of us keep to-do lists and notes at our desk? I know I do! With Enrole you can eliminate at least some of those post-its stuck on your screen and phone with the tasks & comments feature. You can make notes not only for yourself as a reminder, but you can also create tasks with due dates and comments to allocate to coworkers (if they have access to Enrole). When you sign in, you will see your tasks in the bottom right quadrant. Some customers use this feature for workflow by passing around the session setup task list until the session is ready to release to the shopping cart.

Live Excel for Informer Reports

Are you constantly asking someone to get you attendance numbers on sessions, or stats on a course, or constantly logging into your reporting tool to refresh your data? With Informer reporting (comes with all Enrole purchases), you can eliminate the need to ask someone for those numbers 3 times a day! A live excel document is saved on your desktop and you can access and update it whenever you wish with up-to-the-minute real-time data.

Override Fee at Checkout

Sometimes when it comes to those “certain students” you may need to override the designated fee amount at the time of taking a registration within Enrole. This feature is controlled by security settings so that users cannot do this unless they have been given security access. This is not something that your customers would be able to do online – only your selected internal staff.

Schedule Reports and Emails

When you spend a good chunk of your day doing tasks that could easily be automated, you lose time that could be spent marketing, or finding new instructors, or responding to endless emails and answering customers questions. When you switch to Enrole, we help you set up schedules for confirmations, reminders and invoices to go out automatically. You can also automate other reports to send to people’s inboxes at a set day and time.

SMS Text Messaging

Want to take advantage of setting up text messaging so your students can opt-in for session reminders? Just like regular automated processes using Informer scheduling, you can schedule text reminders to go out X number of days before the start of a session. This is a feature that is an on or off option depending on your preferences. The set up for this is done once and the message must be no longer than 1 text message (~140 characters). You would have the ability to create the message in the correspondence portal and you determine how far ahead of the session start date it would go out to registrants. Registrants must opt in on their profile page in the shopping cart and add their phone service provider and mobile phone number.

For our customers: If at any point you have questions about the features above, you have options available: online support or submit a ticket via Enrole Zendesk or you can discuss with your project manager.

For those interested: If you are interested in learning more about how Enrole can increase your team’s efficiency, request a demo if you have questions or want to see more of Enrole.

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