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Balancing Your Daily Receipts with Enrole

Simone McGrath

Does your department balance payments received on a daily basis?  We have some advice (and several canned reports!) that will make this process quick and easy.

At the end of each business day, we highly recommend that you reconcile all monetary transactions received through Enrole (cash, check, payment card) with your bank/payment processor. While your SOPs may vary, we suggest using the following reports that are standard in your Informer:

Payments Register by Payment Type

This report details – by payment type (check, cash, Visa, Master Card, etc.) – all funds received for the entered period. This report does not include any refunds given back to students.

Refunds & Credit Card Fees

This report details all refunds made to students for a given transaction date. This report, used in conjunction with the “Manual Refunds” reports (below) will show you funds returned (or to be returned) to your attendees.

Manual Refunds

This report details those refunds that Enrole could not automatically refund. Examples include payments made by check, or credit card transactions that were refused by your credit card processor. These funds must be managed outside of Enrole.

Credit Card Exception Report

In many cases, card transactions involve two (or more) communications with your payment processor. These are often referred to as AUTHORIZE, SALE and CAPTURE. On occasion, during the card payment process, a card may be accepted and an order placed within Enrole, but funds may not be credited to your account. When this happens, an entry is made in your “credit card exception log.” While rare, this report details those transactions. In these cases, you will need to manually capture the funds through the virtual terminal or manager website provided by your payment card provider.

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*Note:  Should you not have the above reports, please contact us and we will install them for you.

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