Effective ecommerce shopping cart features and why you should have them

Posted on September 22nd 2015 Effective ecommerce shopping cart features and why you should have them

Online shopping carts can be great things. They reduce manual workload, streamline the registration process for students, and provide a central hub for digital information about courses, professors, and facilities. But are you using yours effectively? Without some basic features, you may be losing business – and never even know.

The online customer experience is very important when it comes to whether or not a visitor will become a purchaser. With a few simple features added to your cart, you can satisfy and retain more customers and increase your bottom line.

  1. Payment Options: Most people make online purchases with credit cards, so you’ll need to integrate your cart with a merchant account like TouchNet, PayPal, Moneris, Authorize.net, etc., to process these transactions.
  2. Easy-to-browse catalogues: Many visitors will know exactly what they are looking for in your cart, and for this you’ll need good catalogue search functionality. For others, being able to easily browse through offerings by category, subject, even keyword or professor, can really pay off. Visitors won’t register for offerings that they can’t find!
  3. Special offers: Offer special promotions or featured classes right on your cart homepage. Visitors who are just browsing may take advantage of the first thing they see that is discounted or that peaks their interest. It’s also a great way to fill up those less-popular classes or events. Put those offers front and center!
  4. Class suggestions: Isn’t it neat when sites like Amazon offer suggestions based on what you’ve already purchased? What if your cart did that? A simple algorithm can show shoppers suggestions for other classes based on what other visitors also purchased. It’s helpful to shoppers and can increase revenue for your school.
  5. Availability monitoring: Visitors need to know if a class is full, empty, or if there are only a few spots left. Having this information right on the course listing lets them know if they have time to wait or if they need to book right now, meaning less confusion or frustrations when trying to pick and register for courses. And satisfied, informed customers are repeat customers.
  6. Follow-up: Don’t limit your cart’s functionality to registration-only. Take advantage of post-purchase follow-up like automatic confirmation emails, letting students know they completed the process successfully. If you can, have reminder emails sent close to the course/event start date with an option to cancel or change registration status.

With these few simple features available in your online cart, your potential customers will be satisfied, informed, and ready to return for future purchases!

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