Maximize Revenue Using Enrole’s Custom Training Feature

Posted on December 2nd 2015 Maximize Revenue Using Enrole’s Custom Training Feature

Increasingly, businesses are looking for ways to improve the education and performance of their employees through traditional and non-traditional means.  In 2015, 77% of U.S. companies offered online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees.(1)  It’s likely that many businesses in your community are seeking a local resource, like continuing and professional education departments, to develop and organize these customized programs.  Companies may request trainings to be taught on-site, on-campus, or elsewhere in the community.

Is your department currently taking advantage of this profitable market?  If not, it’s a great time to consider the benefits of doing so.  Not only does custom training allow your department to offer fantastic, specialized training to local businesses, it increases your revenue without many additional overhead expenses.  This is especially true with a course management and registration system like Enrole.  Enrole includes a complete custom training feature that makes management of custom training courses simple and efficient.

With Enrole’s custom training feature, it’s easy to manage all aspects of these unique offerings.  Trainings are company-specific, prices are flexible depending on the agreed upon contract, and registering/canceling employees is done in one click.

In addition to the in-house custom training feature, Enrole includes a corporate client portal.  Using their private credentials, corporate client administrators can log into the portal to view upcoming and past sessions, download resources, and register/cancel attendees.

Offering custom training to corporate clients is easy with Enrole.  Find out how Enrole can increase your department’s revenue and streamline daily processes by visiting Email to schedule a no-obligation, personalized demonstration of Enrole.


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