Choosing the right software by choosing the right company

Posted on November 9th 2015 Choosing the right software by choosing the right company

When you’re searching for a new software solution, where do you look? You may search online for top software options, look at user review sites for top-ranked tools, or ask professionals in your field for a recommendation. All of these are good starting places, but if you stop there, you may end up choosing a less-than-perfect offering.

While searching for the right software for your needs, take into consideration what kind of company suits your needs. It may not seem all that important, but the wrong vendor with the right software can still leave you less than satisfied.

So how do you know if a company is “good?” Here are a few simple suggestions on what to look for.

#1: Bigger is not always better. Companies with worldwide brand recognition are usually huge enterprises with stacks and stacks of varied offerings, from software to hardware to services, which may or may not be the right choice for you and your business. Have a small-to-medium size business? Look for a software vendor that specializes in the SMB space – the company and their products will be more tailored to suit your individual needs, and smaller vendors are usually more flexible with pricing.

#2: Customer service is important. When talking to potential vendors, ask about their customer service and support. Will you have an actual person to contact if you run into issues? What is their average response time on support tickets? Do they offer a customer portal or forum for clients to connect and share online? These questions aren’t always considered when searching for the right software – but they are very important. Knowing ahead of time that you will still be supported post-implementation will eliminate confusion and hassles down the line.

#3: Pay attention to reputation. It’s important to be able to trust companies you go into business with. What happens if this business gets sold in a few years or goes under? The safest bet is to research a vendor’s reputation: how long have they been in business, what people who work there have to say about it, and of course general financial and moral reputation. Can’t find much information? Beware. Look for companies that have a solid, long-standing reputation with products that have been around a while.

Keep these few considerations in mind when searching for a new software, and you’ll be much more likely to choose a product with the right company behind it.


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