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Responsive Customer Service and Simplicity of Use Allows Wichita State University Staff More Time to Build Business

For Wichita State University, customer service delays were a significant challenge for the Workforce, Professional, and Community Education department. With nine staff members dealing with hundreds of registrants on a daily basis, issues with their previous registration system wasted precious time and resources. ”When simple issues would take a few days for support to fix, it really held us back in being able to serve our customers as we should,” said Jody Hall, Assistant Director for Workforce, Professional & Community Education at Wichita. Trouble interfacing with the rest of the university as well as other third-party systems forced staff to complete many processes manually, which also took considerable time. Due to these challenges, Wichita began searching for a system that would be simpler to use for students and make daily operations more efficient and less time-consuming for staff.

After learning about Enrole online, Wichita was quick to set up a demonstration and were immediately impressed with Enrole’s easy to use interface and module functionality. Enrole’s ability to easily connect to third party systems and integrated reporting capabilities meant staff would spend much less time on manual processes and effort duplication. The University purchased the software, had on-site training with Entrinsik staff, and launched to Go Live all within four months. “Entrinsik was very responsive with working out any wrinkles and welcomed suggestions for enhancements to the software for the future,” said Hall. “We really like how customer-oriented and responsive to questions and support requests Entrinsik customer service is and how they understand our business needs.”

After implementation, Wichita saw an immediate increase in efficiency and the allocation of staff time. Along with the significant time savings, staff members quickly adapted to the intuitive interface, customer-facing shopping cart, and the many features that made daily tasks quicker and easier. Students now have the ability to self-register online and download any course resources with the click of a mouse. Registrars save duplication time by using the session copy function to quickly setup repeat sessions and the event wizard allows event creation in a structured way to ensure all needed parts are included and nothing is missed.

With Enrole, University staff could now create multiple user defined fields to collect specific and relevant information on individual or multiple conferences. With easy reporting and scheduling, staff can create automated emails or send variable confirmation letters on a set schedule. “We can schedule reports to run automatically and send to people’s email whenever they want it. We can supply our conference customers with all their up-to-date information on spreadsheets or as a PDF with ease. Being able to schedule everything to meet our needs has helped us move onto other projects quicker,” said Hall.

With Enrole, staff at Wichita State University have increased efficiency and productivity, decreased task duplication, and saved countless hours of staff time. “Overall, Enrole has saved us a lot of time and effort in our daily tasks, which is priceless to us. I would definitely recommend Enrole to others,” said Hall.

Overall, Enrole has saved us a lot of time and effort in our daily tasks, which is priceless to us. I would definitely recommend Enrole to others.
Jody Hall Wichita State University
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