Customer Spotlight: Umpqua Community College

How many employees are in your department and how many students do you service in a year/term?
5 Full Time and 6 Part Time Employees
How were you handling registration and course management prior to Enrole?
Manual Process – we accepted registrations in person or over the phone and then forwarded payment info to Finance and registration info to Enrollment Services. No online registration was available except for admitted credit seeking students.
What challenges or inefficiencies were you facing & how did they impact your organization?
We were using a very labor intensive process. Payment card information was written down and sent to the finance area and multiple sessions had to be set up for classes if there was any difference in the price of the class (i.e. discount or adjustment). In order to drop or refund someone, we had to send emails to multiple people across campus. We had very limited access to student emails and they were not collected regularly. Because of misaligned priorities, there were multiple barriers to student registration, marketing, and reporting.
What were you hoping to accomplish with a new solution?
Provide an easy registration process to customers, access to reporting specific to our needs, and ability to utilize data for more effective marketing.
How did you discover Enrole and what led to your decision to purchase it?
We visited with Simone at NCCET conference. We conducted a process where we reviewed 4 potential systems and selected Enrole based on price and functionality.

How have your capabilities improved? What were the bottom line benefits (quantitative and qualitative), if possible in terms of cost savings, time savings, workload efficiencies, increased end user satisfaction, etc.?
We launched 3 months ago so we don’t have a lot of data. It has been staff intensive to set everything up and determine our department and college procedures. 36% of enrollments have been taken online since we launched in November. That would be a 36% increase from zero. Less than 10% of enrollments have been paid by cash or checks so refunds and adjustments take less staff time to process.
What features of Enrole do you particularly like?
Ability to make decisions and carry them out in our own system
Instructor Portal
Reporting – once we get the reports we want, we like them
Confirmation Letters/Other Correspondence
Being able to email students
Being able to upload docs and info for a course
Ability to register students 24/7
Ease of setting up courses and sessions
How many people in your organization are using Enrole?
11-12 staff and multiple instructors are beginning to utilize the Instructor Portal
Describe the experience of implementing and rolling out Enrole. How quick/easy was this process?
Purchased system in June and went live in November. It was a rapid implementation but worked well for us. The F2F training was great but overwhelming. We’ve received exceptional support from Entrinsik staff.
Would you recommend Enrole to other organizations? Why?
Yes. Affordable cost, great support and product.

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