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Trivantis Embeds Entrinsik Informer to Offer an Integrated Data Analysis Solution

Trivantis® provides eLearning authoring software, talent management and learning management systems to Global 2000 companies in over 125 countries, with products including Lectora® e-Learning software and CourseMill® learning management software. As an official OEM partner with Entrinsik, Trivantis embeds and white-labels Entrinsik Informer as CourseMill Advanced Reports.

Before Trivantis partnered with Entrinsik, reporting within their eLearning software solutions was limited. CourseMill offered users parameter-driven reports for end-users that could not be modified, and standard SQL reports that more technical users could manipulate. “Users had to have a basic knowledge of SQL in order to use these pre-made reports, and most of our customers didn’t,” said Debbie Giffin, Project Manager for CourseMill Implementation & Training at Trivantis. “We knew we needed a better way to deliver reporting capabilities.”

Trivantis customers wanted reports from their CourseMill data that were easier to create and manipulate but that also were more complex and could be presented in a more visual way. Trivantis wanted to provide a more flexible, robust solution that offered users multiple ways in which to access, view, manipulate, and share their data. Without sufficient time or resources to develop their own internal reporting solution with the features and capabilities they wanted to provide customers, Trivantis knew they needed to find another solution.

After considering several possible reporting and business intelligence partners, Trivantis chose Entrinsik. “We narrowed it down to a few potential partners, but Entrinsik was by far the best fit for us,” said John Laws, Director of Learning Management at Trivantis. “The platform, the look and feel, the functionality were all exactly what we wanted.” What Informer offered was a better way for CourseMill customers to do what they wanted with their data. Users are able to schedule reports, export to live excel, and create and share dashboard visualizations, all within a solution that looks seamlessly integrated within the Trivantis software suite.

After deciding to join Entrinsik as an OEM partner, Entrinsik and Trivantis staff got to work on fully integrating Informer with CourseMill, creating the branded “Advanced Reports” capability within the CourseMill software. Entrinsik staff walked Trivantis through the integration process to create a fully functioning solution and plugin that worked for Trivantis and its customers. “From the first presentation through everything we’ve done with the integration and the plugin, etc., the customer support with Entrinsik has been phenomenal,” said Laws. “Fantastic to work with, very helpful in helping us take what we have and marry it with Informer. It is completely integrated in with the product; if we didn’t tell people that it’s a separate software, they would never know. It really fits in hand and glove.”

After implementing and integrating Informer within its CourseMill software, Trivantis staff were able to begin using the new functionality right away. “Informer was incredibly easy for me to use. We created about 40 reports right off the bat that users could run as soon as they implemented CourseMill,” said Giffin. “I love it and it’s very quick for me to create reports and style them the way I want and then share my learnings with our clients.”

With the new Advanced Reports feature (powered by Informer), end users no longer need to know SQL to run reports. They can run and view important reports on course completions, enrolled students, how many times students attempted a course, and they have the ability to do more with that information. “Customers love it. They love that they can schedule reports automatically and that they can email the reports to multiple people. Before, users could only email other users in the CourseMill system. Now they can send reports out to upper management, or to anyone else they choose, from within the system,” said Giffin.

With the easy-to-learn interface, Trivantis now has many customers fully utilizing reports and dashboards and finding more ways to take advantage of the new capabilities. “I have lots of customers who write tons of reports. Some users just run the ones that we have already out there, but they can still access that data whenever they need it. One client was using the URL from a dashboard right in SharePoint; they can easily share visualizations wherever they want to, which is great,” said Giffin.

Trivantis has seen tremendous success using the new reporting functionality and it has become a key selling point for their software. “The functionality is one of the things we lead with when we sell to clients. We think we have the best analytical tool in the LMS market today, bar none. I am exceptionally happy with everything; it was beyond the right choice for us. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner than Entrinsik,” said Laws.

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The functionality of it is one of the things we lead with when we sell to clients. We think we have the best analytical tool in the LMS market today, bar none. I am exceptionally happy with everything; it was beyond the right choice for us. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner than Entrinsik.
John Laws, Director of Learning Management Trivantis
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