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Southern Supply

Automation of Positive Pay Fraud Prevention Measures with Informer

Southern Supply’s Pain Points

  • Lacked prevention of checks from being stolen
  • No practical way to implement positive pay manually
  • Various business units with different ERPs and banks

Southern Supply’s Results

  • Automation of positive pay in just hours
  • Cost savings from using ERP-agnostic Informer
  • Increased security against checks being stolen

Because Informer is ERP-agnostic, we can use the same solution for multiple platforms, and we can do this ourselves.

Jesse Owsley, Southern Supply

Protect Your Organization’s Finances

Southern Supply feels far more secure in sending checks to vendors since implementing positive pay with Informer. If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with fraudulent transactions, then book your demo of Informer, the top-rated business intelligence platform.


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