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Massive Time Savings Achieved by Eliminating Duplicated Entry & An Easy to Navigate Cart

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is located in Edwardsville, Illinois. The Office of Educational Outreach staff of 7 serve roughly 2,500 people per year. They have been live with Enrole since March 2020, and their programming includes: Professional Courses, Personal Development, Conferences, Exam Prep, Lifelong Learning, and Summer Camps.


With their previous registration software, the biggest inefficiency they faced was time spent doing duplication of entry to their website. Leslie Brock, Assistant Director of Non-Credit Programs stated, “We would write everything on our website, then enter it into our registration software to copy a registration link onto the website. Everything we did took double the time it should.” SIUe were in need of a software that was more user-friendly not only for their staff, but also their customers who struggled to get registered for their programs. Prior to Enrole, their front desk staff spent an estimated 40% of their weekly hours registering people that couldn’t register online. Their prior software provider raised their prices and they were paying extra for unsupportive customer service, which was the last straw for their department.

They first learned about Enrole at the annual LERN Conference in Savannah, GA, and brought back information to their search committee. Enrole had all the features they were looking for and worked well for their business. Brock added, “Enrole was one of the only ones that could do conferences, camps, non-credit, credit, lifelong learning, and had the financial piece we needed.”

“It was an easy decision once we saw it compared to the others, Enrole had the best reporting, and the backend made it easy for staff to register people if they called in”, said Brock. Osha Benguche added, “I was sold the day she (Simone McGrath) talked to us. There was something about her transparency and I felt the all-inclusive price she gave us was fair; while we questioned other vendors because their software was sold as modules or by the number of students served annually.”

With their software search, SIUe wanted features that would:

  • Give their customers a better user experience
  • End duplication of effort for their staff
  • Increase reporting options, especially financials

Once training was completed, their summer camps were targeted to go live 12 days later during a phased rollout (right as COVID-19 shutdowns started). Brock said she “found it (Enrole) really easy to use. Some of my coworkers took a little longer, but once they were using the system daily, they got it.” Since they went live, they hired 3 new staff and after their internal training they jumped onboard quickly as well.

As expected, everyone on their staff has different favorite features based on their role within the department. These features include:

  • Registering multiple kids for multiple camps at the same time
  • Session Copy from one term to the next or to have multiple sessions concurrently
  • Email a course manager when a session isn’t available on the cart
  • Course & session information dynamically populates on the student portal
  • Automation of reports – financials and rosters
  • Exporting reports into live-excels
  • Statistics on registrations, courses & sessions

“I love my life because I don’t have to duplicate efforts with the website and our software. It took me less than a week to get our camps and the classes I manage into Enrole, before it would take me about 3-4 weeks. I do this 3 times per year, so I’m saving on average 50% or more of my time per term.”, Brock added.

The parents of their summer camp participants love being able to register multiple children for multiple camps at the same time instead of registering one child at a time, then going to the next. Brock stated, “The number of clicks to checkout has decreased as well. Our front desk staff gets fewer calls to help people register, probably 50% fewer as she used to because people can easily navigate our shopping cart now.” Benguche added, “Time is money, and Enrole is saving us a lot of time.”

Programming staff find session copy to be a “godsend” as they offer multiple sessions of the same course each term, as well as the suggestive selling features. “In 6 months, we had 120 people send us emails saying they’re interested in a course without a current session on our website. I was able to send 40 emails and 15 new people were registered just for summer camps and non-credit”, Brock added. “We would absolutely recommend Enrole to others. If an organization is looking for something that’s an all-in-one, where they can track financials, participants, and have the reporting they need to make sure they are running a viable program – then get Enrole. This is the 3rd registration software that I’ve worked in, and it’s by far the best”.


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